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Danielle Jonas In Labor

Danielle Jonas Going Into Labor: ‘Baby Jonas Is On The Way’

The Jonas baby is on the way! Soon-to-be first-time father Kevin posted a picture on Instagram on Feb. 2 declaring that his very pregnant wife was preparing to deliver their first child!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas are on the verge of being parents! After a pregnancy that was never boring, Danielle went into labor on Feb. 2, and a clearly excited Kevin tweeted the happy news to all of their followers from the hospital.

February 2, 2014

Danielle Jonas Shows Off 9-Month Bump & Baby’s Cute Wardrobe

Danielle Jonas’ huge 9-month baby bump was in full view as she organized all of her new adorable baby clothes — most of which are pretty pink for her baby girl on the way! See all the pics of her little one’s fashions!

Danielle Jonas is so excited to be having a girl that she’s going all out crafting her daughter a wardrobe complete with tons of cute, girly pink outfits. Dad-to-be Kevin Jonas showered his daughter with so many clothing presents that Danielle fell asleep at the dining room table while she was folding them all!

January 27, 2014
Danielle Jonas Baby Heartbeats

Danielle & Kevin Jonas Hear Baby’s Heartbeats In Cool Video: Watch

Kevin Jonas shared an incredible new video of his wife Danielle getting to hear their daughter-to-be’s heartbeat over a sonogram. By releasing this video, he has also put any final rumors that his wife is faking her pregnancy to rest! Watch here, and listen for the booming heartbeats!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas revealed an intimate look into Dani’s doctor’s appointment — one of her last before her baby girl arrives! — and they shared the sounds of their baby’s heartbeats in a stunning new video on Jan. 15. The pair came under fire when critics accused Danielle of faking her pregnancy just to get hire ratings for their show Married to Jonas, but with a clear shot of Dani’s belly, fans can’t possibly still wonder if these wild rumors are true!

January 16, 2014

Kevin Jonas Shares Cool Video Of Danielle Jonas’ Baby Bump ‘Dancing’

Will Danielle and Kevin Jonas’ baby girl be a dancer one day? Kevin certainly thinks so! In a cool new Instagram video, the ‘Married to Jonas’ star showed off his daughter ‘dancing’ inside his wife’s tummy — and she was kicking like crazy! See the video, here!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas shared an amazing video on Instagram of Dani’s 9-month baby bump and their baby kicking, and we can’t believe how strong the kicks are! Danielle seemed completely in awe of her undulating belly. Watch the incredible video, right here.

January 13, 2014
Chic Pregnancy Fashions

Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton & More Chic 2013 Pregnancy Fashions

From embracing the bump to concealing with flair, these celeb moms and moms-to-be just got their maternity fashions so right in 2013. Check out all the fashion-foward pics and VOTE on your favorite looks!

Celeb mommas like Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton gave birth to their babies in the year 2013 — and other stylish fashionistas like Danielle Jonas and Gwen Stefani will be welcoming their bundles of joy in 2014. Check out our roundup of the chicest pregnancy fashions of 2013!

January 12, 2014

Danielle Jonas Shares Heartwarming Pic Of Grandma Holding Baby Bump

It won’t be much longer now! Danielle Jonas’s baby bump looks bigger than ever captured in profile, in a sweet new photo of her grandmother gently holding her tummy.

Baby Jonas is almost here, and Danielle Jonas‘s sweet grandma looks as excited as we are! Danielle shared an aww-inducing new Instagram photo of grandmother tenderly holding her huge 9-month baby bump — and we second Kevin Jonas‘ thoughts that Danielle looks better than ever!

January 10, 2014
Danielle Jonas Kevin Jonas Baby Name

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Our Baby’s Name Will Be ‘Cute’ & Meaningful

The ‘Married To Jonas’ stars have picked out their daughter-to-be’s name, and they’ve combined beautiful inspirations to come up with a name they swear will be unique but not a kooky celeb baby name!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas have already revealed that they’re expecting a baby girl, but we’re just dying to learn the pretty name they’ll choose for her! The couple dropped some serious clues about their little girl’s name — and shared fun details about how they are gearing up to welcome their first child, now that Dani’s in the home stretch of her term.

January 9, 2014

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