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Colton Haynes: ‘Arrow’ Star Reveals He Is Gay After Going To Rehab For Anxiety

It’s official! Colton Haynes got the rumor mills going in Jan. when he made a comment on Tumblr leading fans to believe he’s gay. In a new interview on May 5, he finally confirmed the reports and opened up about his battle with anxiety that sent him to rehab. Here’s his emotional reveal.

Colton Haynes fans, you can stop guessing now! The 27-year-old finally revealed once and for all that he’s gay in an interview on May 5. The sexy Arrow and Teen Wolf star confused everyone with a sly Tumblr comment in Jan., but he’s not being coy anymore; he’s out and proud. Here’s the scoop on his sexuality and dangerous bout with anxiety.

May 5, 2016
Scream Queens Casting 3 Hunky Doctors

‘Scream Queens’ EP Searching For ‘3 Hunky Doctors’: Our Picks For Who Should Play Them

After cast and plot details for ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 were announced during the show’s PaleyFest panel on March 12, executive producer Brad Falchuk told EXCLUSIVELY that he’s looking to ‘find three great guys to play three hunky doctors.’ So, of course, we came up with a list of our top picks!

We just made Scream Queens executive producer Brad Falchuk‘s life a whole lot easier. After he told us EXCLUSIVELY that he’s looking to find “three great guys” to play “three hunky doctors” on the show during Season 2, which will take place inside a hospital, we constructed a list of the hottest guys in Hollywood — ones he should seriously consider casting in the roles.

March 13, 2016
Colton Haynes Ursula Costume

Colton Haynes Unrecognizable In Ursula Halloween Costume — Pic

Is that you, Colton? ‘Teen Wolf’ star Colton Haynes went all out for his Halloween costume when he dressed as ‘Little Mermaid’ villain Ursula. In fact, he looked the part so well, we hardly even recognized him!

If you didn’t know that Colton Haynes, 27, loved Halloween, you sure do now! The Teen Wolf actor decided to go big for the holiday this year and go as Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Colton pulled out all the stops to do so, including prosthetic boobs and tons of makeup! He certainly had us fooled!

October 26, 2015
Unlikely Celebrity Friends

Serena Williams, Colton Haynes & More: 12 Of Hollywood’s Unlikely Famous Friends

These famous celebrities are coupled up, but not romantically: they’re totally best friends. These unlikely duos, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z, are friends til the end — even if it seems a little odd.

It’s hard to imagine how celebs like Russell Brand, 40, and Helen Mirren, 70, even met! But friendship knows no boundaries; when you find your bestie, you’re stuck with them through thick and thin. Click through to see more pics of unlikely friendships!

October 11, 2015
Colton Haynes Serena Williams Friends

Serena Williams & ‘Teen Wolf’s’ Colton Haynes Vacation In Australia — Hot New BFFs?

Is it just us or…is this friendship TOTALLY random?! Colton Haynes and Serena Williams are spending time together while vacationing in Australia, and it’s not even the first time they’ve hung out. Where did this pairing even come from!?

#FriendshipGoals! Serena Williams, 34, and Colton Haynes, 27, flaunted their friendship on Instagram Oct. 5 while on a trip to Australia with their mutual pal, Val Vogt. The whole thing seems completely random, but the two are actually good friends! See the pics from their fun trip here.

October 5, 2015
Colton Haynes Magic Mike Dance

Colton Haynes Flexes Ripped Arms In Hot ‘Magic Mike’ Dance Routine — Watch

Gird your loins, ladies! In this super sexy new video, Colton Haynes reveals he’s got some pretty legit ‘Magic Mike’ moves. Click inside to WATCH!

Colton Haynes, 26, may have just revealed his best kept secret: he can dance! Not only does Colton have some serious rhythm, but he gives the hot men of Magic Mike a run for their money in this short-but-sexy routine. Just wait until you see Colton’s muscles pop ‘n lock!

June 25, 2015
colton haynes returning teen wolf

Colton Haynes: Did He Quit ‘Arrow’ To Return To ‘Teen Wolf’?

Sadly, Colton Haynes has officially exited ‘Arrow’ for the foreseeable future. But, as they say, timing is everything and with Colton’s schedule now open, could that mean a return to ‘Teen Wolf’?

Is Colton Haynes doing some TV show hopping? It sure seems that way! On the Apr. 15 episode of Arrow, fans were devastated when Colton’s character, Roy, faked his death then fled town. Colton’s exit was made all the more heartbreaking for fans, as it surely brought back memories of his character Jackson leaving for London on Teen Wolf and, subsequently, leaving the show. However, when one door closes another one opens and now, it’s possible that when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 29, Colton could be a part of it!

May 15, 2015

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