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'Mob Wives' Star Renee Graziano: 'I Wake Up Every Day In Pain' After Almost Dying In Surgery

Renee reveals to exclusively what it felt like to have her ‘life slipping away’ after her stitches split open from her horrifying makeover surgery.

During the season two premiere of Mob Wives on Jan. 1, Renee Graziano went through a major body makeover surgery that almost left her dead on the operating table. While Renee had the surgery done in July, she tells exclusively that the pain is still unbearable six months later.

January 3, 2012
Mob Wives

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'Mob Wives' Recap: Renee Graziano Almost Dies On The Operating Table

Plus, Karen Gravano may throw Drita D’avanzo over a balcony when they finally confront each other during the ‘Mob Wives’ season 2 premiere.

Mob Wives season 2 is off with a big bang. During the premiere episode on Jan. 1, Renee Graziano goes through a major body makeover surgery — but what’s supposed to be a simple procedure turns into a near-death experience that leaves Renee fighting for her life in the hospital. And, Karen Gravano and Drita D’avanzo are still at war.

January 1, 2012
Mob Wives Star Ramona Rizzo

'Mob Wives' Star Ramona Rizzo: Meet The New Girl On The Block

Ramona is the newest ‘Mob Wives’ recruit to join forces with Karen Gravano against Drita D’avanzo.

The Mob Wives battle lines are clearly drawn with Karen Gravano on one side and Drita D’avanzo on the other. While Drita is aligned with Carla Facciolo, Renee Graziano seems to remain in the middle, leaving Karen all alone. So to balance the lines out, VH1 recruited Ramona Rizzo, a lifelong friend of Karen’s to join her cause. And Ramona won’t stand for the way Drita treats her good friend Karen. Read More & Watch Video!

December 26, 2011
Mob Wives

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'Mob Wives' Are At War: Whose Side Is Renee Graziano On?

Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano are still out for each other’s blood — and Renee is smack in the middle of it. Find out who Renee considers her ‘family.’

During the Mob Wives season one finale, enemiesDrita D’avanzo andKaren Gravano got into an explosive physical battle that left their co-star Renee Graziano bloody and wounded. The season ended with the Mob Wives cast divided into Team Drita and Team Karen. Well, now the girls are in the middle of filming season two and the war continues to wage on — but no one knows where Renee’s allegiances lie.

December 19, 2011
Mob Wives

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Find Out What The 'Mob Wives' Are Doing For Thanksgiving

From cooking and family gatherings to putting on shows and discussing business, each of the ‘Mob Wives’ has a very exciting holiday ahead.

Thanksgiving is going to be a big deal for the cast of Mob Wives, who are deep in the midst of filming their second season. Carla Facciolo, Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano and Drita D’avanzo all share their Thanksgiving day plans with exclusively.

November 24, 2011

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