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Arizona Cardinals Vs. Carolina Panthers Live Stream — Watch NFC Championship Online

Are you ready for some football? The Arizona Cardinals face the Carolina Panthers for the NFC Championship on Jan. 24. The winner goes on to Super Bowl 50 while the loser heads home. This is going to be good and wants you to see every moment. Click to watch!

Cam Newton, 26, and the Carolina Panthers have enjoyed a near-flawless NFL season and are itching to play in the 2016 Super Bowl. However, Carson Palmer, 26, and the Arizona Cardinals stand in the Panther’s way of football glory. Will Arizona claim the NFC championship or will Carolina clip the Cards’ wings and end their Super Bowl dreams?

January 24, 2016

Cam Newton’s Really ‘Enjoying’ Fatherhood: ‘He Wants To Be The Best Dad Ever’

The Carolina Panthers have a chance of reaching the Super Bowl this year, but either way, new dad Cam Newton will be happy. has learned that the MVP wants to be the ‘best dad ever’ and is loving fatherhood. Find out all the details here!

He’s enjoying football at the moment, but Carolina Panthers‘ MVP Cam Newton, 26, is also loving being a dad, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Not only does he want to be the best on the turf, but he wants to be the best father ever!

January 24, 2016
Cam Newton MVP NFC Conference Championship

Cam Newton: Why He Doesn’t Care If He’s Not Named NFL’s MVP Just Yet

Cam Newton isn’t thinking about being this year’s MVP just yet, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Instead, he’s just wants to win the day for the Carolina Panthers in their Jan. 24 NFL Conference Championship game against  the Arizona Cardinals so they can play in the Super Bowl!

The Carolina Panthers are just one game away from possibly playing in Super Bowl XLIV, and quarterback Cam Newton, 26, has his eye on the prize. has EXCLUSIVELY learned that he isn’t thinking about the NFL MVP up for grabs just yet. Right now, he just wants to make sure he’s victorious against the Arizona Cardinals on Jan. 24.

January 24, 2016
Hottest NFL Players 2016

Cam Newton, Julian Edelman & 9 Other NFL Playoff Hunks To Watch This Weekend

Ow ow! All eyes are on the four teams left in the 2016 NFL Playoffs, and not just for the football — there are tons of hotties on the rosters! From quarterbacks like Cam Newton to wide receivers like Julian Edelman, check out 11 hunks to drool over on Jan. 24!

Even if your home team is no longer in contention for the Super Bowl, its hard not to get excited about the NFL playoffs. But if you happen to be into football and hot guys, then get ready to be extra pumped for the AFC and NFC Championship games, because the teams are stacked with gorgeous guys! When QB Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers take on the Arizona Cardinals and WR Julian Edelman‘s New England Patriots face the Denver Broncos, prepare for hotness overload!

January 21, 2016
Who Is Cam Newton

Cam Newton: 5 Things To Know About Carolina Panthers Superstar QB

Cam Newton has held the position of Carolina Panthers quarterback for the last five NFL seasons, but with a 15-1 record in 2016, he is having the most insane season of his career. Going into the Jan. 24 NFC Championship Game, get to know more about Cam right here!

There are plenty of amazing players in the NFL, but Cam Newton is undeniably one of the game’s biggest superstars. The 26-year-old Carolina Panthers quarterback led his team to a franchise-best 15-1 record in the regular season, and is now just one win away from Super Bowl 50. Don’t know much else about Cam besides the fact that he’s a ridiculously good football player? Learn five quick facts about him below!

January 21, 2016
Cam Newton Baby Name

Cam Newton’s Unique Name For Baby Boy Revealed — Love Or Loathe?

When it came to picking a baby name for their newborn son, Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton and his girlfriend, Kia Proctor, didn’t go the traditional route. They went for something as unique and lovely as their little bundle of joy! So what did they name him?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and his longtime girlfriend, Kia Proctor, welcomed their son into the world on December 24, but waited until Thursday, December 31 to announce what they named their little guy. Their first child’s name is something incredibly unique and unexpected; you’re not going to guess this one. Read on to find out what they named their son!

January 1, 2016
Who Is Cam Newton Girlfriend

Kia Proctor: 5 Things To Know About Cam Newton’s Girlfriend

It’s an exciting time for Cam Newton and Kia Proctor! The Panthers quarterback announced the birth of their son, and now fans are wondering who Cam’s new baby mama is. Want to know more about Kia? Get five quick facts below!

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement when Cam Newton, 26, revealed that he and longtime girlfriend, Kia Proctor, 27, recently welcomed a baby boy on Christmas Eve. But like Cam kept quiet about the birth, he has also been fairly coy about his relationship with Kia. So who is the lucky lady that gets to raise a little boy with the Carolina Panthers star? Let us tell you all about her!

December 31, 2015

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