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Tom Brady, Cam Newton & The 13 Other Hottest NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time

Quarterbacks aren’t just one of the most important players on the football field — they’re often times some of the hottest, too! From superstar Cam Newton to veteran Tom Brady, the NFL has a way of acquiring some hunky playmakers. Check out 15 of the sexiest QBs here!

NFL games are fun to watch no matter who is playing, but let’s be honest…when a hot quarterback is involved, football becomes even more exciting! The pros are filled with tons of good-looking QBs nowadays, with guys like Tom Brady and Cam Newton making us drool on and off the field. Frankly, though, the NFL has always had some handsome men leading their teams, with quarterback sexiness dating all the way back to the days of Joe Montana! See who made our hot list below!

February 3, 2016
Cam Newton Criminal Past

Cam Newton: Arrests & More Scandals The NFL MVP Candidate Has Overcome

Before he was an NFL superstar, Cam Newton had a troubled lifestyle that he struggled to change. Multiple arrests, strippers, college football scandals — you name it. But Cam shed his sordid past to become an NFL MVP candidate! Click through to learn more about his past!

Caroline Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, 26, is on his way to Super Bowl 50, but that wasn’t always wasn’t so certain. Cam had multiple run-ins with the law in his past, and his college career wasn’t always so pretty. But Cam overcame all his struggles, and persevered to become an NFL great! Read on to learn more about him!

February 3, 2016
Hottest Players Super Bowl 50

Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers (Rex)

Cam Newton Almost Says ‘Motherf**ker’ During Press Conference — Video

Whoopsie! Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton almost let a major curse word fly right in the middle of a big pre-Super Bowl press conference. But ever the pro that he is, he managed to catch himself before having to make a big apology for his language.

Potty mouth! Cam Newton, 26, almost made a statement even louder than his epic Versace pants while discussing his debut Super Bowl performance during a Feb. 2 session with reporters. He was super confident at the news conference but that might have caused him to forget who his audience was, because his language was a little too on-the-field for a quick second. But Cam is SUCH a pro and so good in front of the cameras, he caught himself halfway into saying “motherf**ker,” quickly realizing what was coming out of his mouth and rolled right on past it without blinking an eye.

February 2, 2016
Cam Newton Fashion Sense

Cam Newton: Tiger Pants, Foxtails & More Wild Fashion Choices By Super Bowl QB

He’s bringing swag to the Super Bowl. Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton might have a second career on the runway if he keeps up his totally cool style! Click inside to see his looks.

Cam Newton, 26, is the definition of a true baller. The NFL quarterback for the Carolina Panthers can be seen walking tall for more reasons than one, because he has incredible fashion sense and knows how to rock a camo suit!

February 1, 2016
cam newton zebra pants

Cam Newton Rocks Skintight Zebra Pants Before Super Bowl: Hot Or Not?

Cam Newton knows how to steal the show — both on the field and with his stellar street style! The quarterback is gearing up for Super Bowl with a seriously outrageous look — did you love or loathe his outfit?

All eyes were on Cam Newton, 26, when he stepped out in a pair of skintight zebra pants by Versace as he made his way to the Super Bowl on Jan. 31 — and the path is clearly paved in style! He paired the statement pants with a leather jacket, black and gold shoes and a pair of headphones. If he wanted to go incognito, his pants definitely sent a different message as he boarded the team jet, en route to the Super Bowl. The quarterback is known for his quick, decisive moves on the field and for his interesting fashion choices — and we would expect nothing less from the quarterback! His jet-setting style definitely had us doing a double take.

February 1, 2016
Cam Newton Banned Seattle Seahawks Stadium

Cam Newton Banned From Seattle Seahawks Stadium Next Season? Shocking Petition

Some Seattle Seahawks fans are NOT happy with Cam Newton. As the hunky quarterback prepares for the 2016 Super Bowl, hundreds of Seattle supporters have signed a petition to ban him from playing at their team’s stadium, Century Link Field, next season. Wait…what?

Cam Newton, 26, has ruffled some feathers in Seattle, Washington. Seahawks fans are apparently not thrilled with the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s lack of sportsmanship, and a crazy petition has been started, urging the NFL team not to allow Cam into Century Link Field when the teams play each other again next season. Is this totally insane, or does it make perfect sense?

January 26, 2016
Hottest Super Bowl Quarterback

Super Bowl 2016: Which Team Has The Hotter QB?

It’s official! Super Bowl 50 will be a face-off between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The big game is on Feb. 7, but there’s one thing we can determine right now: which team has the hotter Quarterback? Let us know what you think, here!

It’s that time of year again! Time to stare longingly at the hunky men battling on the field to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. With Super Bowl 50 right around the corner on Feb. 7, we couldn’t help but ask who you think is the hottest QB in the game this year? Will it be Peyton Manning, 39, or Cam Newton, 26? Tell us what you think, here!

January 25, 2016

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