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'The Secret Circle' Recap: Jake Is Exposed! And Does Cassie Have A [Spoiler]?

The Jake-Cassie-Adam triangle got even sharper Nov. 10! Join me and my teen-girl emotions as we analyze the situation.

Nothing helps you get over your grief quite like a little revenge, so Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) made it her personal mission to expose Jake (Chris Zylka) on the Nov. 10 episode of The Secret Circle — and expose him she did, with a little help from Adam (Thomas Dekker) who had his own motivations for keeping Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Jake apart.

November 11, 2011

'The Secret Circle' Scoop: Britt Robertson Reveals Cassie's Dark 'Struggles' Ahead

‘The Secret Circle’ midseason finale airs tonight! We chatted with Britt to find out just how dark Cassie will go.

Up until now, we’ve only gotten a taste of of Cassie’s dark magic on The Secret Circle — but Britt Robertson promises that the main course is on its way. “It’s a big thing she struggles with for a while,” Britt tells “She’ll have to figure out a way to control it or tame it or get rid of it. Either way, she’s going to be battling it.”

November 10, 2011
secret circle 1x08

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie & Jake Get Closer… To A Dead Body!

Do you think there’s still hope for Jake to become a good guy? This week’s episode gave me hope.

A quiet evening at Faye’s (Phoebe Tonkin) grandfather’s cabin turned into a total nightmare on the Nov. 3 episode of The Secret Circle, thanks to a tense game of truth-or-dare, a pesky little ghost, and — oh yeah — a dead body!

November 4, 2011
secret circle spoilers

'Secret Circle' Scoop: Britt Robertson Previews Cassie & Faye's Fight Over Jake!

A game of truth or dare turns ugly! Britt gives us the scoop on ‘the best episode of the season.’

Adam who? On the Nov. 3 episode of The Secret Circle, Cassie (Britt Robertson) only has eyes for Jake (Chris Zylka) — and as you might expect, this doesn’t sit well with Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), who’s still carrying a torch for her ex. The ensuing catfight reveals Faye “in a completely different light,” Brit tells “If audiences didn’t already love her character, they’ll fall in love with her [tonight.]”

November 3, 2011
secret circle 1x07

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie Lets Her Dark Side Out! Is It Here To Stay?

Plus, Adam tries to win Diana back! Do you think she should give him a second chance?

If the Oct. 27 episode of The Secret Circle taught me anything, it’s this: Never underestimate the power of a pretty blonde girl in a slutty bumblebee costume! When Luke (Zachary Abel) kidnapped the witches and tried to kill them, Cassie (Britt Robertson) tapped into her dark magic and lit the dude on fire. And as he went down in a blaze of glory, my love for Cassie Blake grew ten-fold. That girl is awesome.

October 28, 2011

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Can You Believe They Killed Off [Spoiler]?

The circle is down one very pouty-faced member after this week’s ‘Secret Circle.’

Well, kids, just because we knew it was going to happen, that doesn’t make it any less sad. Nick (Louis Hunter) met his untimely end at the hands of Charles (Gale Harold) on the Oct. 13 episode of The Secret Circle, after absorbing the demon that was possessing Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy.) Remember when Jessica told the episode would be “very telling about [Melissa’s] feelings for Nick?” She wasn’t kidding.

October 14, 2011

Britt Robertson Reveals Why She Didn't Research Witchcraft Before Filming 'The Secret Circle'!

‘The Secret Circle’ star Britt Robertson is the lead star of the new CW show and spoke with the actress about which book from the trilogy was her favorite! Plus she explains why she didnt research witchcraft in preparation to play Cassie.

Britt Robertson chatted with a group of reporters following The Secret Circle TCA panel last Thursday and we spoke with the chatty and friendly actress. “Once I got the part I obviously read the books and got familiar with it,” explains Britt, when asked her if she’d read all of the books. The CW show is based on a trilogy of the same name, penned by Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith. But Britt says she specifically didn’t learn too much about witchcraft, before playing a witch on the new Fall series. Why is that?

August 9, 2011

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