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Briana DeJesus Hospitalized

‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Briana DeJesus Taken To Emergency Room

Oh no! The ‘Teen Mom 3’ mama was taken to the hospital emergency room on Oct. 24 after she fell so ill that she didn’t know what to do — find out what happened!

Briana DeJesus went to the emergency room after her flu-like illness was worsened by the fact she was on a major juice cleanse and wasn’t eating any solids! Her 2-year-old daughter Nova came down with a similar sickness, and Briana shared how her daughter was coping.

October 25, 2013
Teen Mom 3 Recap

‘Teen Mom 3’ Recap: Alex Sekella Makes Post-Baby Debut At Prom

It’s the girls’ first Father’s Day with their babies — and whether the dads are near or far away, or just emotionally distant, they’re all on the moms’ minds.  Find out what happened on the Oct. 7 episode, when the moms decide to break away from their stagnant relationships.

Alex Sekella gets a gut-wrenching telephone call that her ex Matt McCann overdosed on drugs. She is absolutely exhausted in the aftermath of dealing with him — and her family convinces her that she just needs a break away from her adult life to stop and enjoy the fun moments of her senior year of high school, like prom. But how will the single mother fare on her first reveal back at school since having her baby?

October 7, 2013
Devoin Austin Arrested

‘Teen Mom 3’ Dad Devoin Austin Arrested For Probation Violation

The ‘Teen Mom 3’ dad was arrested on Sept. 24 after violating his probation stemming from an earlier arrest. His daughter’s mom, Briana, spoke out on Twitter following Devoin being put in jail. Get all the details here — and see what Briana had to say about her estranged ex!

Devoin Austin, father to Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus‘ 2-year-old daughter, Nova, was arrested in Kissimmee, Florida on Sept. 24 — his second arrest in one month. This arrest stemmed from violation of his probation after his March 21 arrest for drug possession.

October 2, 2013
Briana DeJesus Daughter Nova

Briana DeJesus Shares Daughter Nova’s Second Birthday Portrait

Nova’s just a newborn on this season of ‘Teen Mom 3,’ but she’s really growing up right before our eyes! Briana posted her little girl’s second birthday portrait on her Instagram page and shared fun details from her daughter’s big day!

Briana DeJesus showed off her darling daughter Nova Star‘s second birthday portrait — and her little girl couldn’t be any cuter! All dolled up in a custom-made pink and purple tutu, Nova flashed a beaming smile for her stylish photo shoot. Find out all about Nova’s fun birthday celebration!

September 26, 2013
Teen Mom 3 Recap

‘Teen Mom 3’ Recap: Devoin Austin Forced Out Of Daughter’s Life

The dads are packing up and moving out or getting downright forced out of the girls’ lives. In the Sept. 23 episode, the ‘Teen Mom 3’ girls realize that they might be better off without their exes around. See what happened, here.

“If you’re not going to step up and help, you need to get out of our daughter’s life,” Briana DeJesus warned her daughter’s father, Devoin Austin.  Matt McCann is called to take his belongings out of Alex Sekella‘s house in garbage bags. In a special hour and a half episode, the girls shed the dead weight — and also recap their decisions after watching the show back.

September 23, 2013
Teen Mom 3 Recap

‘Teen Mom 3’ Recap: Briana DeJesus Feels Like A Burden On Her Family

The ‘Teen Mom 3’ girls realize that they can’t get back their pre-baby teenage years now that they’re raising kids. Find out what went down on the Sept. 16 episode.

Katie Yeager wants her body confidence back. Mackenzie Douthit wants her guy to stay away from dangerous bull-riding now that he has a son to look out for. Alex Sekella wants to rid herself of her daughter’s father — not be tied to him for 18 years. And Briana DeJesus just wants to be a normal teenager. See how they fared in the latest episode.

September 16, 2013
Teen Mom 3 Recap

‘Teen Mom 3’ Recap: Katie Yeager Left In Tears After Debt Threatens Move-In

The ‘Teen Mom 3’ girls face new, harsh reality checks as they learn to co-parent with their guys. Read on for all the dramatic highlights of the show’s Sept. 2 episode.

“Growing up fast,” is right. The Teen Moms get a harsh intro to adulthood with their latest trials and tribulations. The girls confront their biggest dilemmas: Briana confronts Devoin about his cyberbullying, Katie is heartbroken after Joey’s debts threaten their new apartment’s lease, Mackenzie tries to get on birth control despite her family’s objections, and Alex calls out Matt on his laziness.

September 2, 2013

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