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Apryl Jones Omarion Break Up

Apryl Jones: Omarion’s Ex Slams Bow Wow For His Comments On Their Breakup

Eek. Apryl Jones isn’t too thrilled with Bow Wow for telling Omarion he now has ‘freedom’ from her after their split. Just wait until you see how she responded!

Apryl Jones may be newly single, but that doesn’t mean her exes friends need to be talking smack about her. After her ex, Omarion, and his pal, Bow Wow, joked about hitting up the strip club, the mother of two lashed out at the idea in a new interview.

July 12, 2016

Justin Bieber Does Shots With Bow Wow At Grammy Awards Rehearsal — Pic

Cocktail time! Justin Bieber and Bow Wow a.k.a. Shad Moss have been hard at work prepping for the Grammy Awards, so during a little down time they decided to tip back some booze together help relieve the stress. You’ve got to see the fun pic.

Bottoms up! Justin, Bieber, 21, has been prepping day and night to perfect his upcoming Grammy performance, which is being billed as totally one for the ages. But he deserved a little break in his busy schedule to knock back some shots with actor/rapper Shad Moss/Bow Wow, 28, and since Shad’s the social media correspondent for the event, naturally he made sure there was a photo of their afternoon drink-off!

February 12, 2016
Erica Mena Bow Wow Wedding

Erica Mena Reveals Fans Will Be ‘A Part Of’ Wedding To Shad Moss

Wedding bells will be chiming soon for Erica Mena and Shad Moss! The ‘Love and Hip Hop’ actress EXCLUSIVELY opened up to about her wedding and how she plans to include fans on her big day.

So much buzz has been happening ever since Erica Mena, 27, revealed her engagement to Shad Moss, formerly known as Bow Wow, 28. Although the actress has kept mum on the details of their wedding, she did EXCLUSIVELY reveal to something big will be going down on the day she and Shad say, ‘I do.’

July 7, 2015
Erica Mena Interview

Erica Mena Reveals She Was ‘Obsessed’ With Lil Bow Wow As A Kid — Listen

It really is a small world after all! Erica Mena recently dropped by the HollywoodLife podcast to chat with us EXCLUSIVELY about her fiance Shad Moss (who you may also know as Lil’ Bow Wow). Well, it turns out the two were meant to be from way back when!

A lot of us hang posters of heartthrobs on our bedroom walls when we are young– but not so many of us end up getting to marry them! Erica Mena, 27, is one of the lucky ones. The actress and musician divulged to us EXCLUSIVELY how far back she’s been crushing on her now-fianceShad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss, 28, and the story will definitely make your heart all aflutter!

July 7, 2015
Erica Mena Fights Back Tony Rock

Erica Mena Fights Back After Tony Rock’s Diss: He’s A ‘B**ch’

Erica Mena fired back at Tony Rock after he went so far as to call her a ‘whore’ over Twitter on Nov. 18. Bow Wow’s fiancée stepped up and took Tony down, hopefully silencing the feud once and for all!

Things got pretty heated after Tony Rock, 40, took to Twitter and called Erica Mena a “full blown whore” and sarcastically asked if her and Bow Wow, 27, were still getting married. Erica fired back at Tony on Twitter on Nov. 22 and had a sassy comeback — see it here!

November 23, 2014
Bow Wow Defends Fiance

Bow Wow Defends Fiancee Erica Mena After Chris Rock’s Brother Calls Her ‘Whore’

Bow Wow isn’t too happy with Tony Rock, who’s a comedian just like his very famous brother. Tony took to Twitter to call Bow Wow’s fiancee, Erica Mena, a ‘whore,’ and Bow Wow has since fired back! See what he said here.

Bow Wow, 27, is madly in love with his fiancee, Erica Mena, 27, and he won’t put up with anyone trash talking his bride-to-be. Just ask comedian Tony Rock, 40, who called Erica a “whore” on Twitter and then felt the wrath of Bow Wow.

November 21, 2014

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