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Jon, Take a Cue From Kate — This Is How You Should Donate To Charity!

While I’m thrilled to see Jon and Kate both showing off their philanthropic sides, Kate’s donation of eight car seats seemed to be a little more worthy than Jon’s donation of his autograph. What do you think?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were spotted separately giving back to their local communities April 30, but I think Jon could learn a lot about charity from his ex-wife.

Kate gathered eight used car seats and gave them to a local non-profit organization. So charitable!

Meanwhile, Jon decided to make his own personal donation and, like, usual, made it all about himself!Read more

April 30, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Meet Richard Reid, The Man Responsible For Making Jessica Szohr Smile Again!

Ed Westwick who? Jessica has been living it up and loving life while filming Love, Wedding, Marriage in New Orleans — and her new pal has a lot to do with her happiness!

Breaking up is usually hard to do, but Jessica Szohr seems just fine after splitting from her BF of a year-and-a-half, Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick, in April. Why? Chalk it up to one killer new friend, a lot of drinking and the magic of New Orleans!

Jessica and I are having a great time every night partying,” Richard Reid, Jessica’s BFF and co-star on the New Orleans set of Love, Wedding, Marriage, tells exclusively. “We’ve been bar-hopping.”
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April 30, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: WHAT YOU DIDN’T SEE ON TV: Lady Gaga Gets Raunchy On The ‘American Idol’ Stage!

On the scene report: Lady Gaga may not have performed live last night, but she treated lucky audience members to a sexy, scandalous performance. So Gaga!

After watching Siobhan Magnus get the boot from American Idol April 28, the audience was despondent…but not for long! Minutes after her departure, Cory, the warm-up guy announced that we’d be in for a special treat….Lady Gaga was in the house and pre-taping a performance!

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April 29, 2010

Taylor Swift Makes Two College Guys’ Fantasies Come True!

[flv width="544" height="442"][/flv]

After creating a website specifically devoted to meeting their favorite singer, two fans finally achieved their goal of getting a hug from Taylor!

How far would you go to meet your favorite celebrity? Two Auburn University students actually created a website to meet their #1 celeb crush, Taylor Swift. And their idea worked! Read more

April 27, 2010

EXCLUSIVE ‘Idol’ Mystery Solved! We Know What Underpants Casey James Prefers!

Tighty whities, boxer briefs or Speedos? has the answer to the Casey James underwear conundrum: he’s all about the boxer briefs!

Kara DioGuardi, you should definitely love us forever. You haven’t hidden your lust for smokin’ hot American Idol contestant Casey James this season — so we’re pretty positive you’ll be stoked to know what he wears underneath his sexy skinny jeans!
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April 26, 2010

Justin Bieber Wanted To Be YOUR Next ‘American Idol’!

The Biebster may be one of the hottest singers in the world right now, but before he was a mega star, he thought about trying out for American Idol!

Well, HollyWho-knew this? Before he made it big in the music biz, Justin Bieber considered auditioning for American Idol to get his big break!

“You know, [my mom and I] used to watch Idol. Me and my mom used to watch it when I was little and we were like ‘I could get on there, you know,’” the 16-year-old <a

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April 23, 2010

Thank God You Left Your Ex-Husband, Kim! Divorce Papers Show You Were In An Abusive Relationship!

Prepare to be shocked and saddened. Documents reveal Kim Kardashian’s ex, music producer Damon Thomas, hit her and slammed her against walls!

It’s easy to forget Kim Kardashian was once married to music producer Damon Thomas — and after reading the horrifying accounts in the couple’s divorce documents, it’s easy to see why she left him, as well: Damon was physically and emotionally abusive. Kim and Damon — who’s worked with artists like Lionel Richie and Pink — eloped in Las Vegas back in 2000 when she only 19-years-old. According to Kim, 29, Damon, now 39, was both physically and emotionally abusive for the entirety of their three-year marriage, which ended in Aug. 2003.
CLICK HERE to read the shocking allegations!

April 23, 2010

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