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‘Whitney’ Review: Did The Biopic Do The Legend Justice?

In the new biopic film ‘Whitney,’ Lifetime attempts to present the full spectrum of Whitney Houston. Airing on Jan. 17, all of the inspiring and devastating details of the legendary diva’s life are depicted, sometimes to great effect. Other times, to an embarrassingly dramatized one. Still, for fans of the late, great singer — and her roof-shaking voice — it’s a must watch.

When Whitney Houston died tragically in 2012, it came as a massive and devastating shock to fans of the singer, as well as her friends, family and, of course, her estranged ex-husband Bobby Brown. But what lead the once-bright young star down such a spiral of destruction? In Lifetime’s Whitney, that question and more were explored. Check out our review!

January 17, 2015
Rihanna Chris Brown Whitney Houston Bobby Brown

Rihanna: Chris Brown & I Remind Me Of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Rihanna tells friends her relationship with Chris reminds her of the early romance days of Bobby and Whitney and that their song ‘Something In Common’ is how she describes her feelings about Chris! Keep reading for all the exclusive details!

Rihanna and Chris Brown have “Something In Common,” and it’s the love they share for each other! The Unapologetic artist told friends that she feels she and Chris have that “magical” love that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown shared during the early days of their marriage.

December 4, 2012
Bobbi Kristina Atlanta

Bobbi Kristina Still Home In Atlanta — Neighbors Worried She'll Be Alone On Her Birthday


Bobbi is about to turn 19 years old on March 4 and can tell you that she’s at home with her adopted brother Nicholas Gordon in her mom’s townhouse!

Bobbi Kristina is about to celebrate what should be an exciting day but there’s a good chance she’ll be alone on her birthday. has spoken to a few of sources close to Bobbi who reveal they are fearful for Bobbi.

February 27, 2012
Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Was Not Doing Drugs After Funeral, Insist Relatives

Although there were rumors that Bobbi went missing right after Whitney’s funeral on Feb. 18, Whitney’s godmother Darlene Love says they are absolutely not true and adds that her family is keeping close reigns on her!

Bobbi Kristina‘s family are doing everything they can to keep the 18-year-old from going down the same path as her late mother Whitney Houston. Bobbi, 18, was not out “getting high” despite reports that claim she went “missing” after the funeral at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ., her family says they know where she is at all times!

February 21, 2012
Bobby Brown Funeral

Bobby Brown Proved At Funeral He Cares More About His Own Ego Than His Grieving Daughter Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown – you were more interested in turning your ex-wife Whitney Houston’s death, into a PR event for yourself, than in truly comforting and guiding your daughter in need.

Bobby Brown — when you showed up with an entourage of nine people at Whitney Houston‘s funeral, Sat, Feb, 18, when you were only invited to come with two guests, you knew that you were asking for trouble.

February 20, 2012

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