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Beyonce Breastfeeding Blue Ivy

Beyonce Reveals She Breastfed Blue Ivy In The Recording Studio

Beyonce revealed she breastfed her daughter, Blue Ivy, at work while she was in the recording studio after giving birth so that she didn’t have to sacrifice any of her parenting time with baby as she snapped back to making music!

Beyonce really opened up about her experiences as a busy new mom in her ‘Self-Titled’ documentary, including revealing that she breastfed her now nearly 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy in the recording studio right after she returned to work. Bey struggled to find the balance between continuing her music after becoming a mom and sharing bonding time with her baby, and found that she needed to do both, regardless of the stress.

December 31, 2013
Beyonce Blue Ivy Video

Beyonce Shares Gorgeous Outtake Pic From Video Filming With Blue Ivy

Beyonce shared so many special moments with her daughter, Blue Ivy, while filming her emotional video ‘Blue,’ and she keeps surprising fans with even more beautiful memories captured on film! The singer shared a new snap from the video shoot, and it’s too beautiful to miss!

Beyonce revealed a brand new photo from her “Blue” video shoot with her precious 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy on Dec. 24. The beautiful mommy-daughter snap was not included in the final video, but it was such a pretty outtake that Beyonce had to share it!

December 26, 2013
Beyonce Yonce Video

Beyonce in 'Yonce' (Courtesy Of Beyonce/YouTube)

Beyonce Twerks & Reveals Underboob In Sexy ‘Yoncé’ Video — Watch

The surprises just keep coming from Beyonce’s surprise self-titled album release! Beyonce showed off her incredibly sexy curves while twerking in her video for ‘Yoncé,’ and she even flashed underboob when her shirt flew up!

Beyonce revealed the full-length video for her new song “Yoncé,” — but that’s not all she revealed! While shaking her hips and showing off her toned booty during some inspired twerking, Beyonce also revealed a sexy strip of underboob!

December 24, 2013
Beyonce Rise New Perfume

Beyonce Releasing New Fragrance ‘RISE’ In February 2014

Queen Bey has been a busy bee! She will release a new, empowering fragrance, RISE, in February, she revealed on Dec. 20. Read more about the scent below.

“The spirit of RISE encourages women to be all that we are,” Beyoncé said in a press release. The new fragrance is centered around orchids (Pantone’s color of the year for 2014, coincidentally), and is presented in a luxe gold bottle, designed by Ken Hirst.

December 20, 2013
Blue Ivy Talking

Blue Ivy: Hear Her Talk For The First Time On Beyonce’s Song ‘Blue’

If you thought Beyonce’s video for ‘Blue’ couldn’t get any cuter than the teaser clip of the mama-daughter duo walking down the beach, you’ll be holding back tears when you see the full length video, complete with an up-close shot of Blue’s face as she waves and even talks!

It is the first time we’ve ever heard little miss Blue Ivy Carter speak, and she makes her big debut on the final few moments on mom Beyonce‘s tribute song, “Blue.” The 1-year-old giggles sweetly, calls out for “mommy!” and even joins into the lyrics “hold on to me!” The video will simply melt your heart.

December 13, 2013
Beyonce Pretty Hurts Video

Beyonce Takes Diet Pills To Lose Weight In ‘Pretty Hurts’

In one of the 17 music video teasers Beyonce released on Dec. 13, she portrays a beauty pageant contestant obsessed with being thin. She takes diet pills and weighs herself — what do you think this says about society? Watch it right here.

Beyonce‘s songs are not only catchy and powerful, they actually mean something. In “Pretty Hurts,” Beyonce is obsessed with her appearance — smiling constantly, measuring her waist and comparing herself to other girls. Watch the video below.

December 13, 2013
Beyonce Song Heaven

Beyonce’s Song ‘Heaven,’ Fans Tweet: It’s About Her Miscarriage

One of Beyonce’s latest videos, ‘Heaven,’ shows heartbroken Bey crying through some of life’s most beautiful moments, and mourning a loss that came too soon. When the video emerged on Dec. 13, fans quickly put the pieces together and speculated that her song pays tribute to the child she lost in her miscarriage.

The stunning footage in Beyonce‘s video for her new song “Heaven,” features such happy life moments, but Beyonce is shown trying to smile as she lets her tears flow, her voice powered by raw emotion. Before her now 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy was born, Bey revealed that she suffered a devastating miscarriage that made her fearful she would ever be able to have children — which may be the background of her powerful ballad.

December 13, 2013

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