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Rihanna Azealia Banks Fighting

Azealia Banks Attacks Rihanna On Instagram Over Muslim Ban & Her Response Is Perfect

Another day, another fight that Azealia tries — and fails — to win! This time, the ‘212’ rapper tried to throw down with Rihanna over her passionate post condemning President Trump’s ban on refugees and travelers from Muslim-majority countries. She probably didn’t expect her to clap back so brutally! Seriously, Rihanna’s response is amazing!

January 29, 2017
Azealia Banks Miscarriage

Azealia Banks Reveals She Suffered Tragic Miscarriage — Read Her Emotional Words

This is absolutely heartbreaking! Azealia Banks got SUPER personal with fans on Dec. 20 when she revealed she had just lost her unborn baby after a late-night trip to the ER went horribly wrong! Read her devastating messages here and find out why she chose to share this deeply intimate news with the world when she hadn’t even announced her pregnancy yet.

December 20, 2016

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