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Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Used ‘Rod’ To Spank Their Children According To Police Report

Things just keep spilling out when it comes to the Duggar family’s home life. A new report is now claiming that both Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar have a very violent way of disciplining their children.

Ever since the molestation scandal arose with Josh Duggar, 27, secrets have been spilling out left and right about the 19 Kids and Counting family. A new report is claiming that the famous reality show parents, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar have been using a rod to spank their children. How awful!

May 27, 2015
19 Kids And Counting Cancelled

’19 Kids & Counting’: TLC Pulls Show Amidst Josh Duggar Sex Scandal

Wow. TLC made a huge move by pulling one of their biggest shows, ’19 Kids & Counting’ from their lineup due to the shocking report that one of the stars molested multiple young girls. has all the details.

Has the end come for the hit show, 19 Kids & Counting? TLC has pulled the Duggar family’s reality show from their lineup and for good reason. A new report surfaced on May 22 that the network made the decision to take the reality show out, due to the shocking news that Josh Duggar sexually molested multiple girls when he was a teenager.

May 22, 2015
anna duggar statement josh duggar molestation

Josh & Anna Duggar (Courtesy of Instagram)

Josh Duggar: His Wife’s Heartbreaking Response To Molestation Accusations

The report of Josh Duggar’s child molestation continues to shock fans of ’19 Kids and Counting.’ Now, Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, is standing by her husband in a new statement, even saying that Josh admitted his ‘mistakes’ years before they were married.

The world is still stunned at the report that 19 Kids and Counting star, Josh Duggar, 27, reportedly sexually assaulted five underage girls when he was a teen. His wife, Anna Duggar, 26, spoke out in support of her husband — saying that, though he has made “mistakes,” he has changed and now knows to “do what is right.”

May 21, 2015
Josh Duggar Supports Religious Freedom

Josh Duggar Supports Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws In Shocking Tweet

The Duggars have always been very open about their strict conservative views, and now their oldest son, Josh, wants the world to know he stands behind Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law — and wants to bring it to his home state of Arkansas. Ugh.

Arkansas lawmakers are following in the footsteps of Indiana in hopes of passing a religious freedom act that would allow businesses to refuse service to same sex couples and transgender people. While many Americans are outraged over these laws, Josh Duggar, 27, is using social media to promote the new laws and share his support.

April 3, 2015
Josh Anna Duggar Baby

Josh Duggar (Courtesy of Instagram)

Josh & Anna Duggar Reveal Sex Of Fourth Child

So cute! Josh and Anna Duggar wanted the sex of their fourth child to be a surprise treat not only for their fans, but also for their own family. Now has the results!

The oldest of 19 Kids And CountingJosh Duggar, 26, could be giving his parents, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, some competition! As his wife Anna Duggar, 26, and three children prepare for the arrival of their next family member, they found out about the baby’s gender through the help of cupcakes! If the frosting is pink it’s girl and if it’s blue than it’s a boy.

March 2, 2015
Jill Anna Duggar Pregnant

Jill & Anna Duggar compare baby bumps, Feb. 18, 2015. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Duggar Baby Bumps: Jill & Anna Compare Pregnant Bellies — See Pic

What’s cuter than one baby bump? Two baby bumps! Jill and Anna Duggar are both expecting, and they posted the cutest picture of their dueling tummies. How fun!

What better way to bond as sisters than to be pregnant at the same time! Jill Duggar, 23, is expecting her first baby while her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, 26, is also expanding her family with a fourth child on the way. The girls compared their bump sizes in an adorable Instagram photo. Who do YOU think has the better bump?

February 20, 2015

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