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Ariel Castro Father Of Amanda Berry’s Daughter — DNA Tests Confirm

DNA tests prove that Ariel Castro, the man accused of kidnapping and raping three women in Ohio, fathered Amanda’s 6-year-old daughter. His DNA has not matched any other open cases in Ohio — read on for more details.

When Amanda Berry escaped Ariel Castro‘s torturous basement on May 6 with her precious daughter Jocelyn, 6, many questioned the paternity of the little girl who had been born in captivity. On May 10, the Ohio attorney general’s office confirmed that Ariel was in fact the biological father of the little girl.

May 10, 2013
Gina DeJesus Mom

Gina DeJesus’ Mom Gives Shocking News On Kidnapped Girls

Gina’s mother, Nancy Ruiz, made an astounding revelation about the state of the three kidnapped young women in an emotional interview on ‘Good Morning America’ on May 9.

Gina DeJesus mother, Nancy Ruiz, revealed the tearful moment she first saw her kidnapped daughter, Gina, now 23, after 9 long years of not knowing if she was dead or alive.

May 9, 2013
Cleveland Kidnapping Rescue

Audio Of Miraculous Cleveland Kidnapping Rescue Revealed — Listen

A police dispatcher tape has been released from the incredible mission that saved the lives of three Ohio women who were held captive for 10 years. Listen to the audio from the amazing rescue!

After vanishing approximately ten years ago, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were amazingly found alive in their kidnapper’s home. A neighbor, Charles Ramsey, overheard Amanda yelling for help, and discovered the three women at Ariel Castro‘s home, where they had been locked in a basement for ten years.

May 8, 2013

Michelle Knight Forced To Deliver Amanda Berry’s Baby Under Kidnapper’s Death Threat

How horrible. When Amanda’s baby was on the brink of death, Ariel threatened to kill Amanda if she couldn’t save the baby. Michelle jumped in to give the baby CPR, and miraculously saved both of their lives. Read on for the shocking details.

Michelle Knight, 32, told police that she saved the life of Amanda Berry‘s daughter by giving the baby CPR after she was born. The baby had trouble breathing, and the women’s alleged kidnapper, Ariel Castro, told Michelle she had to save the baby, or else he would kill Amanda.

May 8, 2013
Amanda Berry Ariel Castro Daughter

Amanda Berry’s Daughter, 6, Cried ‘I Want My Daddy’ After Rescue

When Charles Ramsey heroically rescued Amanda Berry and her young daughter from his neighbor Ariel Castro’s basement in Ohio, the terrified woman revealed her little girl was fathered by her own captor. Watch his shocking CNN interview.

Charles Ramsey, the man credited with rescuing all three women who were held captive in an Ohio basement, was the first person to see Amanda Berry, 27, and her young daughter Jocelyn, 6, after they escaped Ariel Castro‘s basement. Charles revealed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that both escaped women were extremely frightened — and little Jocelyn cried for her father.

May 8, 2013
Gina DeJesus Arrives Home

Gina DeJesus Finally Arrives Home: Family Speak Out

Gina’s family is ecstatic to have her home after she was found on May 6, and rightfully so. Gina, along with two other women, were held captive for approximately ten years in a Cleveland, Ohio basement. Keep reading for the family’s statement.

Since the three women escaped captivity on May 6, after ten years, they’ve been reuniting with family. Gina DeJesus arrived at her family’s home on May 8, wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt. Men wearing T-shirts, with “guardian angel” printed on them, stood behind police tape in front of the home as a huge crowd cheered for Gina upon her arrival.

May 8, 2013

Amanda Berry Returns Home: Too Distraught To Give Statement

So sad. Amanda’s emotions kept her from speaking to the media on May 8, according to police. Instead, her sister spoke on her behalf.

Since the three women escaped captivity on May 6, after ten years, they’ve been reuniting with family. Amanda Berry arrived at her sister’s home on May 8. She was expected to make a statement today, but her sister spoke instead.

May 8, 2013

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