Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Ride Horses Down The Catwalk of Vogue 2024 World Show

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid ride horses during Vogue's World Show.

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Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid
Image Credit: Marc Piasecki/ Getty Images for Vogue

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid take over Vogue 2024 World Show in Paris on Sunday, June 23. 

The third edition event celebrated french fashion by representing sports wear from each decade, where the two models represented the 1950s decade. During their presentation, Kendall and Gigi showed up riding horses Django and Napo at the Place Vendôme.

Shortly after their horse ride they returned to the show alongside many other models and gigi strutted in a gold and blue outfit while Kendall wore a neutral-sheer flowy dress.

Though this duo had a jaw-dropping entrance many other stars hit the catwalk by Maluma, Katy Perry, FKA Twigs, Karlie Kloss, and Joe Burrow.  The NFL player has always been known to rock outfits when heading to his football games so during an interview with Vogue he shared, “[I] always loved clothes but never really understood the industry… I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person, [and] I think walking in the show is a great way to do that.” He added,“I think the crossover between fashion and sport is going to continue to grow.

Vogue’s show was hosted by model Cara Delevingne, and encaptured the true essence of athletic fashion from all different types of sports. It united 188 athletes, 70 dancers, 151 models, and a 40-piece orchestra. The event stylist, Carine Roitfeld, shared that “it’s something that’s never been seen before.”

Anna Wintour  shared her thoughts on the Paris event and how it is different from previous years. “If Vogue World: New York was a street fair, and Vogue World: London was a glamorous night at the theater—supporting arts and cultural organizations in London—Paris will be a kind of opening ceremony; one that celebrates 100 years of fashion and sport, as well as this extraordinary city,” she stated.

The fashion guru recalled a time where she encountered a fan and noticed how big of an importance fashion is during an interview with The Guardian“I remember flying into Paris for Yves Saint Laurent’s final couture show in 2002 and my driver greeted me almost in floods of tears. Fashion touches the whole city. They realize how important it is and what it means to their culture,” she told the outlet.