‘The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White & Ayo Edebiri Shut Down Possibility of Any Romance Between Their Characters

The fans have been hoping for a potential love story between Sydney and Carmen, but the fed-up actors deny the storyline.

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Season 3 of The Bear has been ramping up attention ahead of its return this week (June 26th), but the actors who play Sydney and Carmy, Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White, are not interested in entertaining any of the SydCarmy shipping. 

The comedy-drama set in Chicago follows Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, a young chef who returns home to run his family’s struggling sandwich shop after the tragic death of his brother, blending intense kitchen drama with heartfelt exploration of family, grief, and ambition.

Edebiri, 28, and White, 33, denied any immediate love interest budding between the two in Season 3 and in the characters’ foreseeable future. It seems as though they have reached a boiling point forcing them to address the fans life SydCarmy has been taking on its own. White conveyed how taken aback he was in an Eater interview promoting The Bear’s third season, stating, “it’s crazy. It’s something that has happened entirely separate from the show that we’re making.”

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“Carmy and Sydney being romantically involved was not something we had discussed whatsoever. It feels like there’s a show happening outside of the show that we’re making. Maybe we’re just programmed from the TV and film that we’ve been watching for so long. If there’s a guy and a girl in a story, they’re gonna end up together.”

White instead hints at the idea that in this new season the relationship of Sydney and Carmy might become more complex, without the romance. With the characters becoming official business partners at the restaurant, White tries to explain that Carmy is “not the best communicator” and that “you’ll see…how that affects Carmen and Syd’s relationship”. Edebiri echoed his sentiment stating, “Carmy is somebody that I think she’s really looked up to, but now is sort of in the thick of doing business with,” said Edebiri, “and it’s, I think, a lot more chaotic than she might have idealized before they really started working together.”

Despite denying any romantic involvement in their roles, the actors maintain a close friendship outside of their characters, along with their full cast. Particularly highlighted during their award win, displayed a tight bond on stage, including a heartfelt moment between Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Matty Matheson.