Kristen Bell Looks Back on Her First Interactions With Dax Shepard: ‘This Guy Wants to F**k Me’

The actress shared how hockey, a pack of gum and a sushi dinner helped kick off a special love story.

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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
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Image Credit: Peru Williams/Variety via Getty Images

Kristen Bell is taking a trip down memory lane as she celebrates her growing love story with Dax Shepard. While appearing on the Wednesday, June 19, episode of SiriusXM’s “Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Ted Danson & Woody Harrelson (Sometimes)” podcast, the actress recalled the moment she met her husband at producer Shauna Robertson’s 2007 sushi birthday dinner.

“He has a presence,” Kristen, 43, recalled of Dax, 49. “A protectiveness and he has very broad shoulders. He’s like an upside down triangle, but my main takeaway was that he was chatty.”

A connection wasn’t truly formed until they reunited at a Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings hockey game. Kristen was going to the event in hopes of chatting with her newly single friend Michael. But as it turns out, the actress ended up talking to his friend Dax.

“I knew Michael and I was like, ‘All right, we’re back on the single. We haven’t been single in years. This is gonna be great. I’m gonna go over and flirt with Michael,’” Kristen recalled. “Michael had something else to do and was talking to someone else and Dax came up to me and I was like, ‘Oh, you were at Shauna’s dinner,’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, that’s right. I remember you vaguely.'”

While the conversation was great, it wasn’t until the pair engaged in some playful banter that Kristen realized Dax was into her.

“I was chewing gum and he said, ‘Do you have any more gum?’ and I said, ‘No, just this,’ and I kind of coyly took it out of my mouth and he grabbed it from me,” Kristen recalled. “He goes, ‘I’ll take it’ and then he put it in his mouth, and I was like, ‘This guy wants to f**k me.'”

The couple ended up getting married in October 2013 during a simple ceremony at a Beverly Hills courthouse. They now share daughters Lincoln, 11, and Delta, 9.

While celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2018, Kristen shared a few pieces of advice for other couples hoping to have a strong and successful relationship.

“Rejoice in what makes the other person happy and allow them their individual interests,” she wrote via Instagram. “Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got.”