Jack Black Rocks American Flag Overalls to Endorse Joe Biden: ‘My President Needs Me’

The Tenacious D frontman gave a hilarious speech, explaining how important it was to him to support the president in his re-election efforts.

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Jack Black had a hilarious way of showing support for President Joe Biden at a fundraising event on Saturday, June 15. While taking part in a star-studded event in Los Angeles, Jack, 54, made jokes about turning down a bunch of opportunities like serving as an emcee at a Bat Mitzvah or attending the opening of a new fast food restaurant.

Dressed in a set of overalls with an American flag print on it over a white “Dark Brandon” t-shirt, Jack gave a shoutout to Biden and the other celebrities taking part in the fundraiser. “My manager called me and said that George Clooney and Julia Roberts wanted me to help out the president and speak here tonight. I said, ‘I am in. When and Where?'” he said. “My president needs me”

Jack joked that his reps had told him that he didn’t have a good suit to wear to the event, and he said that he felt like his overalls were a better fit. He said he was sure that the president would show him love if he wins his re-election bid. “They hit me with the big one. They said, ‘Jack, you can’t go. You have nothing to wear. Your good seat is in the cleaners!’ Well, were they wrong, because I had this to wear: my kick-ass American flag overalls—the most patriotic outfit of all times. That shut ’em up. There wasn’t much they could say after that,” he said. “When the president wins in November—yeah!—I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a sweet shoutout in his victory speech for what I gave up to be here, because when Democracy is at stake, Jack Black answers the call.”

At the end of the speech, Jack looked down and said, “Mr. President, you’re welcome.” He then quickly noted that the person that he was making eye contact wasn’t Biden. “I thought it would look better if I talked right to a guy,” he said.