Nicola Coughlan Responds to Audience Member Calling Her ‘Brave’ for Racy ‘Bridgerton’ Scenes

The 'Bridgerton' star was called 'very brave' for baring her full body in the series, and she had a cheeky response.

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Nicola Coughlan in a scene from Bridgerton
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Image Credit: Netflix

Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan isn’t a stranger to risqué scenes, but after being told she was “very brave” for baring her full body in the famous series, the 37-year-old actress responded in a cheeky way. While speaking at a recent fan event in Dublin, fans captured Nicola’s reaction to the comment in social media videos.

“You know, I think it is hard because I think women with my body type — women with perfect breasts — we don’t get to see ourselves on screen enough,” the actress said before adding that she is a “very proud as a member of the perfect breasts community. I hope you enjoy seeing them!”

As she spoke, the audience laughed and applauded Nicola for her witty reaction.

Upon seeing the now-viral video, fans praised Nicola for her response. One X user wrote, “I LOVE HER. That’s why she is the queen,” whereas another tweeted, “I LOVE HER SO MUCH AHAHHA [sic].”

This wasn’t the first time that the Ireland native has discussed the sensual scenes she filmed for the popular Netflix show. Last month, Nicola revealed that she “specifically asked” to be completely naked for one scene, which she explained during an interview with Stylist in May.

“I specifically asked for certain lines and moments to be included,” Nicola said. “There’s one scene where I’m very naked on camera, and that was my idea, my choice. It just felt like the biggest ‘f**k you’ to all the conversation surrounding my body; it was amazingly empowering.”

Nicola Coughlan in a scene from Bridgerton

Adding that she “felt beautiful in the moment,” Nicola — who plays Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton — pointed out that at the time she filmed the scene in question, she thought, “When I’m 80, I want to look back on this and remember how f**king hot I looked!”

Aside from Bridgerton, Nicola has also appeared in a variety of on-screen roles. Last year, she played Diplomat Barbie in Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie, and she previously starred in Derry Girls. She is also set to appear in an episode of the new Doctor Who series.