Kim Kardashian Was ‘Channeling’ Her Sister Kourtney in ‘American Horror Story’

During her 'Actors on Actors' interview with actress Chloë Sevigny, Kim revealed how she got into character for 'AHS: Delicate.'

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Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian had one inspiration in mind while getting into character for American Horror Story: Delicate: her sister Kourtney Kardashian. During Kim’s Variety “Actors on Actors’ interview with Chloë Sevigny, the reality TV star, 43, revealed how she approached the role of the devious publicist Siobhan.

“It’s funny ’cause I was really channeling my sister Kourtney and someone that I work with — Tracy [Romulus] — really closely,” the SKIMS boss revealed in her interview, shared by Variety on Wednesday, June 5.

Kim also acknowledged the feedback that she got after AHS: Delicate premiered last year, which is that her performance reminded fans of her mother, Kris Jenner.

“Everyone, when it came out, they were like, ‘That is Kris Jenner all the way,’ and I was like, ‘Well, I guess I had that preparation already, but it’s not what I was thinking,” Kim added. “But I so see it now.”

Elsewhere in her conversation with Chloë, the Kardashians star unveiled the “one preparation tip” that she received from an acting coach.

“That was the one preparation tip that I got from an acting coach, which was never bring your phone on set,” Kim said.

AHS creator Ryan Murphy, who approached Kim for the role of Siobhan, was also the brains behind  The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Since Kim’s late father, Robert Kardashian Sr. was on O.J. Simpson‘s defense team during his controversial 1990s murder trial, Kim revealed in her “Actors on Actors” conversation that she “loved” Ryan’s take on the ordeal that gripped the nation.

“Some people were over, and they hadn’t seen it — I watched it years and years ago — and I wanted to see if my recollection was right on the portrayal of my dad,” the SKKN founder explained before sharing her thoughts on it. “I thought it was just done so well. I remember asking Ryan, ‘Who were your sources?’ Because that was my dad’s exact bracelet. That was our home! They actually rented the home that we grew up in at that period of time.”

Although “little things were wrong,” Kim noted they were “minimal” in the show and added that it “was just fascinating to watch and see it from a different perspective, especially now, since I’m in law school.”