Hailey Bieber Reveals the Adorable Nicknames She Has for Her & Justin Bieber’s Child

Hailey has several nicknames for her future child, which she's been sharing in new social media snapshots.

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Hailey Bieber
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Hailey Bieber already has a few nicknames picked out for her first child! Over the past week, the 27-year-old dropped a few hints at what she’s been calling her future baby with husband Justin Bieber.

In a recent snapshot that she shared to her Instagram Stories, Hailey revealed that she calls her baby her “little bean.” While sharing a photo from her Saint Laurent photo shoot, the model wrote, “Shot this 4 months preggy with little bean in my belly [sic].”

One week prior, Hailey shared a separate Instagram carousel post, in which she included a shot of her growing baby bump. In her caption, Hailey called her future child her “cherry blossom.”

“Little cherry blossoms on my nails little cherry blossom in my belly,” she wrote alongside the photo gallery.

Earlier this month, Hailey and Justin, 30, announced that she was pregnant and expecting their first child together. The couple shared a video montage from a maternity photo shoot on May 9.

Previously, the spouses — who have been married since 2018 — faced false speculation about starting a family. In the years leading up to Hailey’s pregnancy, she became the subject of baseless gossip multiple times.

In October 2023, Hailey addressed the comments she had seen during an interview with GQ.

“Recently, everybody was like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s pregnant,’ and that’s happened to me multiple times before,” the runway queen said. “There is something that’s disheartening about … ‘Damn, I can’t be bloated one time and not be pregnant?’ It would be a lie if I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I don’t give a s**t.’”

Hailey then pointed out, “When there comes a day that that is true, you, as in the internet, will be the last to know.” She also explained that pregnancy is “such a private, intimate thing” that would be between her and the “Lonely” artist. 

“It’s something that’s going to come when it comes,” Hailey noted. “And it’s just, honestly, at the end of the day, so hilarious how much people f**king care. Let me do what I want to do with my body, and you guys can do what you want to do with your body — and let’s just let it be that.”