Taylor Swift Asks Security to Help Fan at France Concert

Taylor Swift paused her 'Eras Tour' show in France to help a fan.

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Taylor Swift performing during her Eras Tour concert
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Taylor Swift rushed to help fan in the crowd during her Eras Tour in Lyon, France, on Sunday, June 2. “Do you need help? Yeah?,” the 34-year-old singer asked a Swiftie in the crowd in French.

During her “Evermore” set, the “Blank Space” singer asked for security to give aid to the fan and exclaimed, “Aidez-les, s’il vous plaît” which translates to “Help them, please.” She added, “Can we get someone to go over there? They’re right in the front. There we go! Awesome.” 

This is not Taylor’s first rodeo in helping a fan. Just last month, she had to pause in Portugal, Spain, and in Sweden to offer assistance. “We have to take care of these crowds because you’re just the best, and you just dance so wildly and sing so loudly, and the way that you just, like, are so in the moment, I never could have imagined we would have this much fun on the European Tour…It’s just been crazy, you guys, and I appreciate it so much,” expressed the popstar via a video posted online by a fan.

Taylor Swift
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It seems as if each place Taylor has been to, she has caught up in practicing the native language of each country. Aside from asking for help for the fan in French, she has even spoke Spanish to help stop trouble in the crowd. “Ayuda por favor,” voiced the singer in Madrid. “Ajuda por favor,” she said another time in Lisbon.

During her time in Sweden, she noticed a group of flashlights being waved, which led her to ask, “When you guys are holding a bunch of flashlights up in a group does that mean people need help? Say ‘yes’ if it means [that]…OK, if I see that again I’m gonna try to put it out.”

It’s been known that putting on a safe show is important to Taylor. During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Marren Morris – who performed with Taylor in Chicago, Illinois – shared how she is “setting the bar high.”

“There was these signs on the inside of the barricades of her stadium shows and it says — basically to the local security, like — ‘Fan-friendly show. Be kind…So even to, like, the local security, her team saying, like, ‘Don’t mess with the fans. They’re here to have fun.’ And everyone’s really respectful and I was like, ‘Oh, I loved that,'” shared Marren.