Pam Grier Compliments Snoop Dogg’s Kissing Abilities From When They Starred in ‘Bones’

The veteran actress looked back fondly on the times working with the "Gin and Juice" rapper. She also revealed that he's a very good kisser.

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Pam Grier opened up about what a good kisser Snoop Dogg is when she was a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Wednesday, May 29. During their interview, Jennifer Hudson played a clip from when she interviewed Snoop, 52, and he recalled the first time that he met the Jackie Brown actress, 75. Pam laughed as she reacted to the clip, and shared some details about when they made the 2001 horror film Bones together.

After the clip finished playing, Pam laughed a lot, and she revealed that Snoop is a great kisser. The two share a kissing scene in the film. “Oh my God, and he can kiss. Oh my God, and he can smooch,” she told the host, before going on to talk about how great he is. “Snoop and I have been friends forever. We’ve always supported each other’s art, and he’s a genius.”

Pam and Snoop are seen in ‘Bones’ together. (New Line Cinema/Getty Images)

She further explained that she thinks he’s a genius because of how large his staff is and how talented he is as an artist. “You’re a genius when you employ hundreds of people in your career,” she said, before speaking about a time that she made breakfast for him and some other rappers while they were on tour. She continued to highlight how kind and funny she found Snoop to be.

In the clip from January Jennifer, 42, showed, Snoop recalled the first time that he met Pam, and he admitted that he was totally starstruck. He said he went to the bathroom and proceeded to need his security’s help leaving. “I fainted,” he said. “I looked up. I said, ‘I just met Pam Grier.'”

After complimenting Snoop’s kissing abilities, Pam said that the Doggystyle rapper had told her the same story, and she clearly really enjoyed it. “Let me tell ya. When he told me that, I said, ‘Oh my God, I’m glad he didn’t hurt himself,'” she said with a laugh.