Bradley Cooper & Gigi Hadid Seen Slow Dancing at BottleRock Concert: Watch

According to a fan-captured social media video, Bradley and Gigi were seen slow dancing while enjoying a concert at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival.

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Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid
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Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid‘s romance hasn’t slowed down, and the two were recently seen enjoying their time together at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. As seen in a fan-captured social media video, the 29-year-old model and the 49-year-old actor slow danced in the crowd. They were swaying to Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams.”

According to various reports, the couple were standing in the VIP section of the venue as they watched Stevie Nicks perform. For the day out, Gigi chose a light blue baseball cap, a white long-sleeved tee and sunglasses. As for Bradley, he appeared to wear a white shirt and black sunglasses.

While attending the festival — which ran from May 24 through May 26 — the Maestro star joined Pearl Jam on stage, performing one of Bradley’s iconic songs from A Star Is Born: “Maybe It’s Time.”

It comes as no surprise to fans that Bradley can belt out a tune. While training for his role in A Star Is Born, the Oscar nominee trained for six months with a dialect coach to change his accent.

“I wanted to change my voice ’cause I knew that I wouldn’t even believe it as an actor if I kept hearing my voice,” Bradley explained to Terry Gross in a 2018 interview, per NPR. “I just hear this guy from Philadelphia. So what voice could be wonderfully iconic without being geographically limited? And Tim Monich, an incredible — dialect coach who I met with on American Sniper — we started very early on, maybe two years prior to filming, sitting down, listening to tons of voices.”

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid in New York City together
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Upon creating “a whole series of exercises” for him, Bradley met with his coach “four hours a day, five days a week for about six months steady.”

“And at first, it was very difficult,” the film multi-hyphenate admitted before adding that his character’s voice eventually blossomed organically.

As for Bradley’s relationship with Gigi, the pair sparked romance rumors in October 2023. At the time, they were spotted in New York City on multiple outings together. Since then, they’ve been inseparable but have not publicly commented on the relationship rumors.