Kate Hudson Reveals She Was a ‘Prude’ Growing Up And Went A Year Without Dating Men

'If I didn’t do that, I would have never ended up with Danny,' Kate said about her fiancé during a new interview. 

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Kate Hudson
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Kate Hudson revealed everything about her love life in an interview on Wednesday, May 22. During a podcast episode of “Call Her Daddy,” the 45-year-old called herself “very prude,” “never super rebellious” or “totally boy crazy” growing up in her household. 

“My parents loved to have a good time, and we grew up seeing them enjoy their life, laugh with friends, talk about naughty things sometimes,” Kate elaborated. “But this mystery of connection and why we connect with people was never something that was hidden.”

The actress has dealt with highs and lows throughout her dating life. Her therapist advised her to stay away from dating men for a year, Kate noted during her interview. “I look back at my entire life at this point and I’m like, ‘I actually feel like I might have gotten it right,” said Kate. “For me, having the means and ability to choose to be more healthy in relationships means that it’s been easier for me to exit unhealthy relationships.” 

This dating cleanse went into effect before the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days star got engaged to Danny Fujikawa. 

Danny Fujikawa and Kate Hudson
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“If I didn’t do that [a year without men] I would have never ended up with Danny,” Kate expressed. “He’s just such a good man. I’m not so sure I was, like, attracted to the good men … I mean I was attracted to good men, but the uncomplicated kind of – I like a feisty … wild type, whereas Danny has that in him. His values are very sturdy, and he’s such a lovely person. I would’ve never I think allowed that if I didn’t take those 3 years of just being so happy in my life alone.”

Prior to being happily engaged to Danny, Kate faced relationship issues in her previous marriage with Chris Robinson. “It was a whirlwind. We were engaged in four months, married at nine months Then, [after] three years, I wanted to have a baby,” Kate said. “Then, it started to do that downward spiral.”

The then-married couple tied the knot in December 2000, and in January 2004, they welcomed their son, Ryder. The two announced their split in August of 2006. In November of that year, Chris filed for divorce. Aside from how things may have ended with her ex-husband, Kate remarked, “I think it’s more peaceful for me, which makes it more peaceful for my children.”

During her “Call Her Daddy” interview, the Bride Wars actress later explained to host Alex Cooper how she realized that, in past relationships, some exes had been through her phone. 

Kate also explained that she has been on the other end of the situation — looking through another person’s phone. She added, “Any girl who says, ‘I would never’ is a liar. If the guy is being fully shady and not telling you the truth, you’re like, ‘No, I need some concrete evidence.’ People wonder why women should rule the world. Because we’re incredibly resourceful.”

– by Jessica Acosta