How Difficult Is it to Do Dip Nails at Home? It’s as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

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Image Credit: Nailboo

Really? Can DIY dip manis be that simple? I wondered at least a thousand times. 

I discovered the answer: they are as easy as 1, 2, 3. So I did the unthinkable—I broke up with salon manis for good. 

Spilling the tea on breaking up with salon glossy nails.  

That gloss! So thick and shiny. My reflection smiled back at me as I examined my salon-perfect mani. You know what it’s like. You leave the salon with flawless nails. My nails looked mirror-gloss perfect. It’s so satisfying to admire their pop of color and smoothness. 

But that high salon price tag was far from admirable.  What a shock I got when I ran the numbers. 

I easily spent the cost of a vacation every year on my nails! 

I love hard, long-lasting acrylics, but I was spending more than I realized. The new sets, the two-week fills, the polish changes, special events like weddings, and the tips were eating away at my grocery budget. The cost was staggering year after year. 

Even worse … after spending that kind of money just to get a chip just two days later. Ugh!!!! Insert a tantrum frustration scene here. 

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I quit salons altogether!

I was done with overpriced trips to the salon, long wait times, and that kind of mani madness! 

I whipped out my phone and used my chipped nail to send my salon a “cancel my next appointment” message. 

But then what… I couldn’t just give up gorgeous nails. I love my nails. So I Googled and discovered… 

Dip powders replace acrylic hardness & without the odors


Dip powders make a great DIY switch. I watched TikTok after TikTok on how easy DIY dip manis are. I watched influencer after influencer. They made everything look super easy—like gorgeous nails in a second. On top of that, there are so many influencers touting their brand as the “one.”  I wondered…who do you trust? How do you find out what’s real about a brand and its dip products?

With influencers pushing their brand, how do you find a legit product anymore? 

After watching reviews of at least a half dozen different dip manis, I went with the one with the most colors to choose from, the most five-star reviews, and a money-back guarantee. 

The reviews that won me over!


“Haven’t gone back to the salon”
“I’ve been using this dip for 2 years now & haven’t gone back to the salon. The community is amazing & has been a big support!”
– Melodie B.

“Last set I did lasted 4 weeks”
“I’m beauty-challenged and figured out how to do my nails by myself! The last set I did lasted 4 weeks! And I wash dishes and cook everyday.”
– Katie M.

1 million what? Happy customers! 

A mani brand with over one million happy customers was a must to try. Plus, they had a guarantee that took all the pressure off trying their product.

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A risk-free guarantee means I don’t lose my money! 

The winning brand’s money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We take great pride in the quality of our products and the education we provide to help you learn the mani process. We are confident that you’ll be delighted with what we offer.

That’s why we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on orders of dip or gel starter kits. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your starter kit purchase from us, you have the option to return the product within 30 days from the date of receipt. Upon receiving and inspecting your return in our warehouse, we will issue a full refund.

The Winner: Nailboo!


The Nailboo became my DIY dip kit of choice.


Because they’re the kind of manis that last. They’re budget-friendly. And bonus – there is a solid community of other DIYers that help out and NEVER make you feel stupid for asking questions.

My Nailboo unboxing!


I ordered my first dip kit. The hardest part? Waiting for the delivery. 

Once my order was in hand, I popped open the box. My first impression was how much stuff I got in that kit! Wow!  

What a ton of stuff in this Nailboo kit! 

  • Six colored powders. (I got the buy 3, get 3 deal.) 
  • Build powder
  • 3 liquids (base, activator & top coat) 
  • Dip powder brush
  • Four-way dip nail file
  • Cuticle tool
  • Extra dip brushes
  • And bonus cuticle milk

One kit with everything is less than a full mani set at the salon. 

Dipping is 1-2-3! Easy. Gorgeous. Satisfying!


It’s no joke. Literally, 3 steps, and you’re done. The instructions are clear. 

Step 1: prep & apply the base coat

Prep is super important. No skipping here! Remove old polish. Push back cuticles. Remove excess natural oils from the nail. Apply the base coat. It’s clear and paints on smoothly. It doesn’t take much, so use a light hand.  

Step 2: dip and dip again

While the base coat is wet, dip your finger in the jar of colored powder. Tap off excess. 

Brush any powder away from the cuticle skin area. Repeat until you achieve the color you want. 

Step 3: activator and top coat (NO UV LAMP)

Apply activator. The powder will harden. Then, file to shape. Buff to shine. Then, apply the gorgeous, glossy top coat. Let dry. 

Nailboo dipping takes only 3 steps from prep to gloss. But the first time, it will take longer. 

Results my first time dipping. 

My first set of dip nails came out good, and the next set was great. It’s only natural to get better the more you do something, and dip nails are no different. My first set was impressive, but it did take me about an hour. My nails were glossy and “rock” hard, like a great salon nail. And that first set lasted a couple of weeks. (Note: I wash dishes by hand daily.) 

What to expect when you dip.


Be realistic with yourself. The first time, be patient. Take your time. Enjoy the process and prep thoroughly as instructed. It makes a difference in the end. You’ll get better each time. And some first-timers pull off perfect nails. I’ve seen it in the Nailboo community. 

The second time, dipping my nails took half the time, and the results were even better. But I knew what to expect and where I had made mistakes the first time, which for me was painting on too much of my base liquid. 

Now, dipping my nails is a straightforward process. It’s something I can sit and do in 15-20 minutes if I’m not playing with color patterns or nail art. 

Nailboo is easy to use, and my nails get salon-quality glossy, rich color. This is what I loved about salon manis, so I’m happy with Nailboo. 

Now, my dip time is self-care time. I love it, and I love to change my color often. 

What surprised me the most was…

How much faster and easier it became to dip my nails. I’ve saved so much money. And no one knows the difference between my DIY manis and the expensive salon manis. That makes me smile day after day after day. And that’s how long my nails have gone without chipping. Days and weeks. Love that, too!

The bonuses – real cost & # of manis

What blew my mind was the cost per mani–$2. That’s right. When you DIY your own dip nails with Nailboo you can get mani’s as low as $2. 

Each jar of dip powder holds up to 30 manis! That’s insane! And totally worth it. 

With these savings, the huge and ever-growing color choices, tutorials, customer support, and more, I’m never, NEVER going back to the salon for a mani. 

If you’re ready to try a Nailboo dip kit (risk-free), click the button below and pick your kit and colors. Thank me later. I wish someone had told me sooner!! 

Visit the Nailboo website to make the most of these incredible savings while you can.