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Emma Stone Reveals Why She Wishes Her Films Were Silent in New Interview

The Oscar-winner had said that she wished all of her movies were silent while attending the New York Film Festival for her short film 'Bleat.'

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Emma Stone explained her recent comments about wishing all of her films were silent in a new interview for the Art Issue for W Magazinepublished on Tuesday, November 28. The Curse star, 35, surprised fans when she told an audience that she’d wished she didn’t need to talk in any of her films during an appearance at the New York Film Festival in October for a screening of her silent short film Bleat. Emma admitted that she was “half-kidding” to W.

During a Q&A after the October screening, Emma spoke about what she loved about not having to talk in Bleat. “If I never had to talk again, I’d be thrilled, and so would a lot of other people,” she said, per People“I’m being serious. It’s my favorite thing to not have to speak. I wish often [that] we could cut many lines of dialogue because I think people can say a lot more without speaking.”

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In the new interview, she further explained that even though she was partially joking, she does think there are a lot of positive aspects to communicating without words. “I do love the silence. It’s a nice thing to not have any pressure to use words to communicate. There’s something wonderful in being able to speak with just your eyes and your body,” she told W. 

In addition to being a silent film, Emma is one of only two actors to appear in it. While Emma plays a nameless woman, Damien Bonnard plays a nameless man. “A woman in black is mourning inside a simple house. Reality blends with dreamy imagination, and tradition with insidious desires,” the film’s description says on IMDb.

In the interview, Emma spoke much about her work with director Yorgos Lanthimos, who directed Bleat, as well as her new film Poor Things. He also photographed her for a visual essay. While he noted that they occasionally disagree on “small details,” Emma said that they often see eye-to-eye. “We tend to agree on which photos we like and dislike. In general, we agree on most everything,” she told the outlet. “We don’t fight. We have a way of working things out. And we learn from each other. Or, at least, I learn from Yorgos.”