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Sister Wives’ Janelle and Christine Brown Slam Ex Kody’s Claims They’re ‘Trash Talking’ Him: He Wants to ‘Find Fault’

After Kody Brown accused his two former wives of 'trash talking' him on a recent episode, the duo hit back with their thoughts.

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown accused his two exes, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown, of “trash talking” him for “not loving them” on the TLC hit’s November 26 episode. Not so, say the former polygamous wives, who recently opened up about the matter. “I think he’s trying to find fault because he’s not liking things that are happening in his life,” Christine told E! News in a new interview. “So he’s trying to find fault with other people.”

Christine’s apparently not the only one who feels that way. “I feel bad that he feels like that,” said Janelle. “But it does feel like he’s trying to find a reason.”

Christine also addressed Kody’s alleged estrangement from some of his 18 children across four marriages. He’s also split from Meri Brown, and is currently only in a marital relationship with Robyn Brown. “His relationship with his kids is his responsibility,” Christine told the outlet. “He needs to fix it.”

Kody Brown and wives
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According to Christine, she’s all about facilitating a good relationship with the reality TV star. “We actually would love Kody to have a great relationship with all of his children, and I do whatever I can to facilitate that,” she asserted.

The women shared how each of them decided to end their marriages to Kody. For Christine, the split came in November of 2021, after six children and 30 years together. “I realized that it just wasn’t the relationship that I was looking for, for my kids,” she divulged. “And it wasn’t a relationship I was looking for myself. And then I was like, Okay, well, now that I found that, I’m going to move on, and I’m going to go, and I’m not going to stay anymore. So for me, it was instantaneous.”

Janelle, however, admitted her split from Kody in December of 2022 was much less abrupt. She also shares six children with Kody, and they were together for three decades, as well. “Every relationship ebbs and flows,” she explained. “But we really had hit a very different point now where we were just so very opposite.”

Christine has since happily remarried to David Woolley after six months of dating.