Janelle Brown Confesses to Christine That She Doesn’t ‘Want To Be Married Anymore’

Janelle Brown sits down with Christine Brown after her talk with Kody Brown and admits she needs 'something different as far as marriage goes.'

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Janelle Brown
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Janelle Brown is inching closer to breaking away from Kody Brown for good. In the October 1 episode of Sister Wives, Janelle, 54, sees Christine Brown for the first time since speaking with Kody, 54, about their pre-Christmas showdown and their future. “I think what’s happened is I’m growing, and I need something different,” Janelle tells Christine, 51.

Christine asks Janelle what she means by that. “Like, I don’t want to be married anymore,” Janelle admits. Christine wants to know if that means Janelle is leaving Kody and if Kody knows how she feels. “I’ve told him not to come back to the house, that we’re separated,” Janelle explains.

Christine Brown
Christine Brown reacts to Janelle’s confession. (TLC)

Janelle tells Christine that she and Kody had discussed getting a counselor, but Kody “hasn’t taken any action” with that, and neither has she at this point. It’s now been a month since their last talk. Christine thinks that Kody just likes “to string people along.”

Janelle continues, “I need something different as far as a marriage goes. It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to change, and sometimes your partner comes along and sometimes they don’t.”

In a separate interview, Janelle is still leaning towards staying separated. “I can’t think of any reason that I would want him to come back at this point. I just don’t know because I’m just waiting on God to tell me if what I’m doing is okay,” she says.

Janelle and Kody had a huge fight before Christmas over their issues, including his feud with their boys, Garrison and Gabe. Kody eventually stormed out of Janelle’s apartment. Kody didn’t see his kids with Janelle over the holidays, and he didn’t even reach out to Savanah.

After the holidays, Janelle and Kody finally decided to meet up and talk again. Janelle revealed to Kody that she wanted to “stay separated” for the time being as she figured out what she really wanted.

Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown sits down with Christine. (TLC)

“I don’t feel like I’m getting what I deserve from him,” Janelle admitted in a previous episode. “Listen, I’m pretty independent. I don’t need a lot from him. But when it comes down to where he does, all of a sudden doesn’t want to be a father to my kids because they disagree with him That sort of changes the cost-benefit equation for me in this marriage.”

Despite her ongoing issues with Kody, Janelle confessed that she still missed him. “I miss him in my bed. I miss him in my house. I miss him. But I am not being treated the way I deserve to be treated here,” she said. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.