Zendaya Reacts to Tom Holland Engagement Rumors After Rocking Huge Ring on Her Ring Finger

Zendaya just had to set the record straight with her fans after speculation swirled she was engaged to Tom Holland.

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Tom Holland Zendaya
Image Credit: Vianney Le Caer/Shutterstock

Let the girl post a selfie! Zendaya responded to Tom Holland engagement rumors that sparked after she posted a photo that featured her rocking a large ring on her ring finger.

On September 21, the Dune actress, 27, posted a video on her Instagram Story addressing the online rumors. “I can’t post anything, you guys,” Zendaya laughed. “I posted it for my hat… Like, not for the ring on my right finger, you guys. Seriously, you think that’s how I would drop the deuce? Like, what?!”

The Emmy winner then reposted the full body shot of the original photo. “Let me just put the full body back so y’all can relax lmao,” she wrote. In the photo, Zendaya is rocking a Golden State Warriors hat.

The photo originally fueled the hopeful speculation that Tom had popped the question to Zendaya. The reflection in the picture showed the actress wearing a ring on her ring finger. Upon first glance, it could look like that ring. But if you zoom in, the pearl ring is clearly not an engagement ring.

The photo that sparked the Zendaya and Tom Holland engagement rumors. (Instagram)

Tom, 27, and Zendaya aren’t engaged — for now — but Tomdaya fans are waiting with bated breath for it to happen. The Spider-Man couple has been together since 2021, and they continue to exude all the relationship goals.

For a long time, Tom and Zendaya were tight-lipped about their romance, but they’ve started to open up about their love for one another. “[I have] no rizz whatsoever. I have limited rizz,” Tom told Buzzfeed in June 2023. Rizz is a slang term for charisma. “I need you to fall in love with me for it to work. So long game, probably making a movie with each other definitely helps when the characters you’re playing are falling in love with one another. You can sort of blur the lines a little bit. That’s kind of where my rizz is at. And I’m locked up, so I’m happy and in love. So I’ve got no need for rizz.”