Emma Roberts Is Accused of Being Transphobic by Her ‘American Horror Story’ Costar Angelica Ross

Angelica Ross, who is transgender, claimed that Emma Roberts insulted her and 'played mind games with everybody' on the set of 'American Horror Story' season 9.

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Emma Roberts
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Emma Roberts, 32, has been accused of transphobia by her former American Horror Story co-star, Angelica Ross, 42. Angelica did an Instagram Live on Sept. 19 and claimed that Emma made a cruel comment about Angelica being transgender on the set of AHS: 1984 in 2019. According to Angelica, the two co-stars were having a conversation when Emma told director John J. Gray that Angelica was being “mean” to her.

“John is like, ‘OK, ladies, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work,’ ” Angelica recalled. “And she [Emma] then looks at me and she goes, ‘Don’t you mean lady?’ And she turns around like this and covers her mouth [with her shirt].” Angelica said that Emma walked away and couldn’t see that the Pose star was “looking at her dead a** in the camera,” in shock over what Emma had allegedly said.

“I’m like, What the f*** did you just say?’ And I’m standing there looking her dead a** in the damn thing, and I’m like, trying to process what the f*** she just said,” Angelica explained. “I’m standing there, she walked away, my blood is boiling,” the actress continued. “Because I’m like, ‘if I say something, it’s gonna be me, that’s the problem.’ And I know this because there was someone who spoke up about what she was doing and they got repercussions from it. Not her — they did.”

“So when I saw that happening, I was just like, ‘I’m done.’ I didn’t speak to that bitch the entire time after that,” Angelica said. “So we had scenes together and I never spoke to her. She said to me she could feel the energy coming off of me. She was like, ‘Are you okay? You haven’t been talking.’ I’m like, ‘Mmmhmm.’ Cause, bitch don’t play me. You’ve been playing mind games with everybody on the set. Everybody’s been waiting for the moment that you would get me.”

HollywoodLife reached out to Emma’s reps for comment, but we haven’t heard back. Emma has not addressed Angelica’s accusations as of the time of publishing this story.

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts and Angelica Ross worked together on ‘AHS’ season 9 (Photo: mage Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Angelica and Emma were both in season 9 of American Horror Story. The installment, titled American Horror Story: 1984, followed the staff of a summer camp reopening 14 years after a massacre. The cast included Emma, Angelica, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Matthew Morrison, and Gus Kenworthy. Angelica returned for the following season, American Horror Story: Double Feature, while Emma did not. But Emma is back for the upcoming 12th season, American Horror Story: Delicate, alongside Kim Kardashian.