Lady Gaga Looks Stunning While Going Makeup-Free in Radiant Tutorial Video

Lady Gaga proved that she looks fabulous with & without makeup as she posted a new makeup-free video tutorial.

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lady gaga
Image Credit: Steve Sands/NewYorkNewswire/Bauer-Griffin/Shutterstock

Lady Gaga shared a new makeup tutorial video using her brand, Haus Labs, and she looked stunning when she went totally makeup-free. In the video, the 37-year-old bared her fresh face to show viewers how she applies concealer using a new product from her brand.

In the video, Gaga was completely bare-faced while her platinum blonde hair was down and parted to the side in waves. She looked naturally beautiful without makeup while rocking a plunging black bralette that showed off ample cleavage, styled with a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Gaga started the video talking about the new Triclone Skin Tech Concealer before she started applying it to her face and explaining how to get coverage. “I start in the corner of my eye and I just drag it along there,” she explained before admitting, “You see how it leaves a nice flat creamy finish.”

Lady Gaga then showed how she applies the concealer, revealing, “I do one on each side to brighten up the eyes. Then, to brighten up the center of the face, I go in threes around the top of the head, the nose, and under the chin. I love this concealer because it has fermented arnica as well as other skincare ingredients that calm down the inflammation of the skin. So, while I am spot concealing, I will also be treating the skin the whole day while I wear it.”

Once the concealer is applied to cover up spots, Gaga then shared that as her “final step after covering up some redness, we’re going to lift the skin. So, I take the doe-foot dragging it up in the areas that I want to lift – against the jawline, above the cheeks, and a little on the forehead.”

Finally, she used the Haus Labs concealer brush to start “dragging it out.” She then admitted, “What’s nice about this concealer is that in just two weeks using a biotech caffeine, it de-puffs under the eyes.” As the very last step, Lady Gaga used her fingers to rub in the rest of the product, explaining that “it just melts, giving you a beautiful, radiant finish.”