‘Blind Side’ Star Quinton Aaron Defends Sandra Bullock From Trolls After Bombshell Accusations Against Tuohys

The actor responded to trolls saying his 'Blind Side' co-star should return her Oscar, saying that her performance had nothing to do with the real story unfolding.

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Quinton Aaron stood up for Sandra Bullock as trolls have called for the actress to return her Academy Award for her performance in The Blind Sidefollowing Michael Oher’s legal issues with the Tuohy family. He emphasized her brilliant role in the movie has nothing to do with the current drama going on between Michael and Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy in a new interview with TMZ Sports on Wednesday, Aug. 16.

Quinton, who played Michael in the movie, said that he feels that today so many people are “hell-bent on pointing blame,” and said everyone should calm down. “Sandra Bullock didn’t have anything to do with the real story that we’re reading as of right now,” he said. “I think people just need to chill out, relax, and let the families involved handle whatever’s going on, and just—I guess—enjoy the show, because it’s out there for everyone to see.”

Quinton said that Sandra still deserved her Oscar despite the drama with the Tuohy family. (Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock)

While Sandra’s performance was based on real people, Quinton said that it’s pointless to point a finger at her for the real-life drama that’s playing out. “Saying stuff like ‘she needs to relinquish her title’ doesn’t make any sense. She gave a brilliant performance, and that shouldn’t be tarnished for something that had nothing to do with her,” he explained.

When addressing the drama between the Tuohys and Michael, Quinton said he “hope[s] everything works out for the best,” and that they work it out. “This movie inspired so many people. It changed people’s lives, mine included. I feel for everyone involved. Not taking sides. I love Michael. I love the Tuohy family,” he said, mentioning he hadn’t been in touch with either since the movie came out. “I’m not sure what to make of what’s going on. It’s unfortunate. [The] most we could do is offer our prayers, and hopefully, they resolve what they’re going through.”

Michael filed a legal petition on Monday, where he claimed that the Tuohy family had never legally adopted him, and instead, he was put in a conservatorship. He claimed that he didn’t make any money from The Blind Side and requested an injunction for the family to stop using his name. Sean said that he was “devastated” and claimed that the family didn’t make money off of the movie in a statement. Michael also released a statement following the discovery. “I am disheartened by the revelation shared in the lawsuit today,” he said. “This is a difficult situation for my family and me. I want to ask everyone to please respect our privacy at this time. For now, I will let the lawsuit speak for itself and will offer no further comment.”