MGK Went ‘Ballistic’ Over A Suggestive Megan Fox Movie Scene, All-American Rejects’ Tyson Ritter Claims

Tyson Ritter claimed MGK was 'fully unhinged' after he discussed a change in a scene with Megan Fox for their movie, 'Johnny & Clyde'.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t like sharing his woman. Tyson Ritter, the frontman of the All-American Rejects and Megan Fox‘s co-star in 2023’s Johnny & Clyde, recalled an intense moment during which MGK, 33, got super territorial after he suggested a physical scene with Megan, 37, in the movie. “So I go over [to her trailer] and there’s her man in there with her. This Colson guy, who you know as Machine Gun Kelly. I call him Pistol Pete,” Tyson, 39, recalled on the May 30 episode of the Tuna On Toast with Stryker podcast. “So I go over there and I was like, ‘Hey, Megan. I wanted to talk to you about this moment where, when you die, because you’ve been teasing putting my fingers in your mouth, that when you’re dead, I put my fingers in your mouth. And it’s like this sort of resolution to my character, getting his revenge.”

He claimed that’s when MGK lost it. “He just went ballistic. It kinda went maniac mode. I think the whole experience for me was, ‘What the actual f*** is happening?’” Tyson continued. “He had this baby’s arm of a joint dangling out of his mouth. And he was fully unhinged.” It’s not clear what happened after the reported outburst, but Tyson claimed he did not fire back at the “Bad Things” singer.

It turns out that the uncomfortable moment actually helped Tyson in the long-run. He said he was working on the film Prisoner’s Daughter at the same time he was filming Johnny & Clyde, and he used Machine Gun Kelly’s wrath as inspiration for his own angry character. “I was like, this is what I’ve been looking for with my character on Prisoner’s Daughter,” he explained. “Because the next day I had to shoot this scene in Vegas where this character goes in and confronts Kate Beckinsale, who’s his ex-wife, and he goes from zero to apes***. And I didn’t, I was really struggling [with] how to flip that switch.”

“I remember when Pistol Pete just started going ape on me, I was like, this is really confrontational, but also thank you, dude,” he added. “There’s a little bit of Pistol Pete in my role for Prisoner’s Daughter.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly began dating in 2020 (Photo: AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN / MEGA)

Megan and MGK have been engaged since Jan. 2022. Multiple reports claimed they went through a rough patch earlier this year, and Megan was even seen without her engagement ring in February and deleted all their pics from her Instagram. However, she and MGK looked happy during a romantic dinner in Hawaii in April. Tyson, meanwhile, has been married to actress Elena Satine since 2014.