Donald Trump Fails To Mention Melania In Strange Mother’s Day Tribute

The former president only wished a Happy Mother's Day to 'Radical Left Fascists, Marxists, and Communists' on his Truth Social platform.

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Former President Donald Trump penned an odd message for Mother’s Day on his Truth Social platform on Sunday, May 14. During his greeting, he didn’t mention his wife, former First Lady Melania Trumpwho is the mother to his youngest son Barron17. Instead, Donald decided to attack those he deemed his political enemies in the odd greeting.

Trump has been married to Melania since 2005, and they had their son Barron together in 2006. (Shutterstock)

While the former first lady didn’t get a shoutout in the greeting, the Mother’s Day message was more of a strange opportunity to call out his rivals and spread insults. “Happy Mother’s Day to ALL, in particular the Mothers, Wives and Lovers of the Radical Left Fascists, Marxists, and Communists who are doing everything within their power to destroy and obliterate our once great Country,” he wrote. “Please make these complete Lunatics and Maniacs Kinder, Gentler, Softer and, most importantly, Smarter, so that we can, quickly, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

While Donald didn’t mention Melania, he also didn’t give shoutouts some of the other mothers in his family, including Marla Mapleswho he shares his daughter Tiffany with, or his late first wife Ivanawho he had his three oldest children with. He also didn’t pay tribute to his daughter Ivankawho has three children of her own with Jared Kushner, or his daughter-in-law Larawho has two kids with his son Eric

Trump’s Mother’s Day message. (Truth Social/Donald Trump)

This also hasn’t been the first time that Trump has left out a mention of his wife during a major political moment. After he was arrested in New York on 34 counts of falsifying business records, he gave a speech at Mar-a-Lago, and both Melania and Barron were absent from the address. In his speech, the former president made mentions of all of his children, but he left out Melania. “I built a great business with my family, built a fantastic business,” he told the crowd of supporters. “I have a son here who’s done a great job and I have another son here who’s done a great job and Tiffany and Ivanka. Barron will be great someday. He’s tall. He is tall and he’s smart.

While the Mother’s Day message may seem strange, Trump frequently takes holidays as an opportunity to call out his political rivals. He shared similar attacks against “Radical Left Marxists” on Christmas Eve in 2022. “Merry Christmas to EVERYONE, including the Radical Left Marxists that are trying to destroy our Country,” he began his holiday greeting.

The former president’s Mother’s Day message came just days after Trump was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation in the civil trial from E. Jean CarrollThe jury awarded the famed journalist $5 million, after she accused the former president of sexually assaulting her in the 90s.