Sunny Hostin Fires Back At Meghan McCain’s Criticism Of ‘The View’: ‘Our Show Is A Wonderful Place’

After Meghan called 'The View' a toxic environment, Sunny took a long sip from her drink on 'Watch What Happens Live' and responded.

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The View co-host  Sunny Hostin responded to her former co-host Meghan McCain slamming the ABC show in a recent op-ed. Sunny made a guest appearance on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live and was asked about her thoughts on Meghan calling out The View and claiming certain news topics were avoided and certain co-hosts weren’t the nicest. “Let me take a drink,” the lawyer said, as she sipped on her martini. “I have not read the column. I have heard about it,” she explained, before coyly adding, “Our show is a wonderful place.”

Sunny went on to gush about The View’s #1 rating and the current cast and staff. “We’re really happy on the show. We’re really a cohesive group, and God bless,” Sunny maintained.

In Meghan’s latest rant for the DailyMail, she accused the show of burying news stories, specifically calling out Whoopi Goldberg for allegedly skipping over topics like Bill Cosby’s rape allegations. The daughter of the late Senator John McCain also co-signed Rosie O’Donnell’s previous claim that Whoopi wasn’t pleasant to be around during filming. “There is nothing on God’s green earth that could convince me to ever walk on to that set again,” Meghan wrote.

On WWHL, Sunny said she was surprised by Meghan’s piece, especially since they have remained friends after Meghan exited The View in 2021. “Her husband [Ben Domenech] likes to mean tweet about me, which is shocking, but Meghan and I have always been friendly,” Sunny explained. “We’ve remained friends.”

Notably, Meghan has previously co-signed Sunny’s friendship report. “She’s the only cast member I still have a relationship with,” she revealed on the Reality With the King podcast in May 2022. “I have such love for her and respect for her. She’s a really good person and she didn’t demonize me the way a lot of other people did, for whatever that’s worth.”

Meghan’s controversial essay comes only two weeks after she dragged Meghan Markle‘s decision not to attend the coronation of King Charles III on May 6. “There are arguably few people on Earth more obsessed with seeing themselves on camera than Meghan,” Meghan wrote in the op-ed published on April 13 for the Daily Mail. “Now, all of a sudden, she doesn’t want to be pictured in public, dressed up in one of those ridiculous tiny hats? I’m sorry. I’m not buying it.”