‘Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Admits It’s ‘Going To Be Hard’ To ‘Relive’ Her ‘Fall Out’ With Danielle (Exclusive)

Lindsay Hubbard opened up to HL ahead of 'Summer House' season 7 & admitted she 'hopes to be enlightened' by what went down between her & former BFF Danielle Olivera.

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Bravo fans know that something isn’t quite right between former besties Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera, and now they will find out what caused their rift in season 7 of Summer House. Lindsay, and her fiancé Carl Radke, sat down with HollywoodLife ahead of Monday night’s premiere, and opened up about what’s to come this season, which all leads up to the couple’s exciting engagement. Although, before they can make it to that epic moment, the Summer House teaser proves that a ton of drama goes down in the weeks prior, especially between Danielle and Lindsay.

“I think it was just that Danielle felt entitled to have a lot of opinions about and judgments about how she felt I should be living my life or Carl should be living his life or how we should operate together,” Lindsay surmised in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL. “I didn’t really know if I understood what the end goal was of why she would have such strong opinions, but I guess I’m going to find out.”

Lindsay Hubbard & Danielle Olivera. (Courtesy of Bravo)

The PR maven was emotional as she thought about watching the drama play out in the upcoming season. “I think it’s going to be really, really hard to relive this portion of this season. This is legitimately a friend of mine,” she said. “It wasn’t just like, ‘Hey, we’re coworkers showing up to do a job and film a TV show.’ This was like, this is my real life friend and we have a falling out and now I have to go rewatch that. So yeah, it’s going to be difficult.”

In the Summer House season 7 trailer, fans got a glimpse at Danielle and Lindsay’s rift, when the Hubb House PR pro asks, ‘Why do I need your blessing?’ seemingly referring to her decision to move in with then-boyfriend of 9 months, Carl. “What you’re saying is absolute crazy pants to me,” Danielle responds. Things appear to only get worse between the two, and Lindsay tells the app-developer she feels like her friend has “bashed her all summer,” while Danielle replies, “I don’t talk s–t about you, I say it to your f–king face.” At another part of the trailer, Danielle says she thinks it would be “crazy” for Lindsay and Carl to get engaged, to which Lindsay replies, “Maybe we won’t get engaged when it’s appropriate for you.”

Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard. (Shutterstock)

Carl admitted to HollywoodLife that it was “tough to hear” Danielle’s comments about the relationship. “I just thought that, as a group of friends, she had the opportunity to tell us how she felt through winter, spring, when we were hanging out all the time, and she doesn’t do that until we start filming,” he recalled. “We’re three or four weeks in and now hearing all these things, but she wasn’t really coming to us directly. It’s just sad.”

Danielle has yet to speak out on the feud, but Summer House costars Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula both agreed on Watch What Happens Live that the two would not be able to “get over” their fight.

Tune in to Summer House on Monday, February 13th, at 9 PM ET!

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