‘Growing Up Hip Hop’s Egypt & Sam Reveal Their Baby’s ‘Royal’ Name & Why They’ll Have A Private Birth (Exclusive)

'Growing Up Hip Hop' stars Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick revealed their baby's adorable name and open up about whether or not cameras will be let into the delivery room.

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Egypt Criss
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Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick have a little one on the way, and they are almost to the finish line. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Growing Up Hip Hop stars about welcoming their baby girl into the world very soon. Egypt admitted that pregnancy has been a “ride” for her so far.

“I just love this new experience, though. I love that I have a great partner to help me through it because, honestly, it’s a lot to handle when you’re going through the sickness and the emotions and everything. But other than that, it’s honestly so joyful,” she said.

Egypt admitted that she had to remind herself as she filmed Growing Up Hip Hop season 7 not to overdo it. “I tend to do that. I have to stay mindful, stress-free completely in any environment. It was a challenge,” Egypt said. “But it was also really just beautiful getting to showcase that because I am super excited for this.”

Sam joked that pregnancy’s been a “walk in the park” for him. “It’s easy for me. I just kind of sit back. I’m in charge of food duty, sleep duty. All the things that are relaxing. It’s been good. I’m excited. It’s been a very fun ride,” he said.

Egypt gushed that her mom, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, is so excited to become a grandmother. “I was actually honestly kind of surprised because she was way more ecstatic than I just thought she’d be. I knew she’d be really happy, but she was ecstatic,” Egypt told HollywoodLife. “She’s been there the whole time. She’s just like, oh my gosh, I can’t wait to be called Glamma.”

Egypt and Sam already have a name picked out for their baby girl. “We’re going to name her Phara’h Clea. We’re keeping that Egyptian vibe going. It just gave that royal essence that we really love. That extra vibe,” Egypt revealed.

Reality show stars in the past have showcased the births of their children on camera, but Egypt is keeping the birth of her daughter behind closed doors. “This one’s definitely gonna be a private one because I can’t have that viewing right there. It’s going to be super special. I love that we’ll get to take it in, and then once she’s here get to show off to her to the world,” Egypt said.

The couple agreed that this pregnancy has made their relationship even stronger. “It tests people, but we are a really good team. We always come together, and we make it work every single time. It’s definitely strengthened us,” Egypt told HollywoodLife. Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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