‘Grown-ish’ Stars Tease ‘Positive’ Zoey & Aaron Reunion & Junior’s ‘Resentment’ (Exclusive)

'Grown-ish' is back, baby! The cast teases Zoey's return, some 'resentment,' and Doug's probability of bouncing back in season 5B.

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Grown-ish returns for all-new episodes starting January 18. The Freeform hit series featured a revamp at the beginning of season 5 and has really hit its stride with this next chapter. Yara Shahidi will be returning in season 5, so get ready. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Trevor Jackson and Marcus Scribner about the impact of Zoey’s return.

Yara Shahidi Trevor Jackson
Yara Shahidi and Trevor Jackson in ‘grown-ish.’ (Freeform)

“I can say that I think this is the hardest he’s ever gone in terms of like trying to show her I think,” Trevor told HollywoodLife during the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “I feel like when you’re young and you’re in a relationship you do certain things and you realize, oh, okay how does this person react to this, and you kind of just know what this person loves. I think he goes really hard into the romantic aspect of it or tries to… There’s a lot that goes down between him and Zoey in a positive way.”

Marcus revealed that Junior “feels some type of way” about his sister coming back into the mix. “He’s got his mixed emotions. He’s very excited for his sister to be there and he’s able to guide him and has a lot of experience, helping him out of these difficult situations, but at the same time, he really wants to make a name for himself, establish himself as the protagonist of his story, literally and figuratively,” Marcus explained.

Marcus Scribner
Marcus Scribner as Junior. (Freeform)

He continued, “He always feels like he’s been living in her shadow, so he feels like this has been an opportunity to cement himself as sort of his own person, his own man, instead of being Zoey’s little brother. There’s a lot of mixed emotions going on, and I really enjoyed this season because of the development of this relationship, his brother-sister relationship, because there’s been a lot of resentment from Junior that we really haven’t heard about, and then they get to talk about it who knows where it goes from there, but hopefully, things get resolved.”

As for Doug, Diggy Simmons quipped that the struggle is real. “Doug’s broke,” Diggy said. Doug gets kicked out of his apartment and loses his car, but he has an “amazing friend” in Aaron who lets Doug move in with him. “He has to be a bar back now. He lost his job. He’s navigating that, so we’ll see if he comes out of that or if he stays broke,” Diggy teased.

Diggy Simmons
Diggy Simmons as Doug. (Freeform)

Freeform has already announced that the show has been renewed for season 6. Diggy hopes to explore Doug’s “New York side” and maybe get a trip to the Big Apple. Let’s manifest this! New episodes of grown-ish air Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Freeform.