President Biden Signs Respect For Marriage Act Into Law & Gives Kamala Harris The Pen: Watch

President Joe Biden signed the Respect For Marriage Act into law on Tuesday, handing the pen to an overjoyed Kamala Harris.

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
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Image Credit: Yuri Gripas/UPI/Shutterstock

President Joe Biden signed the Respect For Marriage Act into law on Tuesday, December 13, making sure federal protections for same sex and interracial marriages are in place. “Today is a good day!” Biden, 80, said as he addressed a national audience ahead of the signing. “Today, America takes a vital step toward equality.” After signing, the President handed his pen to an awe inspired and overjoyed Vice President Kamala Harris — a symbolic gesture, given that the VP is in an interracial marriage with Doug Emhoff.

“Deciding who to marry is one of the most profound decisions a person can make,” President Biden continued. “As I’ve said before, and some of you might remember, on a certain TV show ten years ago … marriage is a simple proposition: who do you love and will you be loyal to that person you love? It’s not more complicated than that.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
President Joe Biden hands his pen to Kamala Harris after signing the Respect For Marriage Act — a symbolic gesture, since Harris is in an interracial marriage. (Yuri Gripas/UPI/Shutterstock )

The President also took to Instagram to share the news. “Today, I signed the Respect For Marriage Act into law,” he wrote. “We are affirming a fundamental truth: Love is love, and Americans should have the right to marry the person they love.”

80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper, 69, performed her song “True Colors” in purple hair, the beloved color symbolizing pride, while Sam Smith30, performed “Stay With Me” ahead of the signing. It’s also worth noting that Pete Buttigieg and Kamala’s husband Doug Emhoff wore purple ties in honor of the occasion. First Lady Jill Biden wore a gorgeous blue coat and scarf as she supported the signing. The White House was lit up in rainbow colors to mark the historic occasion.

In opening remarks before the signing began, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed she was “overcome with emotion bringing down the gavel on this legislation.” “This is about respect, this is about taking pride, and it’s about time that we do so,” she added. 

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden signs the Respect For Marriage Act on December 13, 2022. (Yuri Gripas/UPI/Shutterstock )

Cyndi also made emotional remarks during the press briefing celebrating the signing. “We can rest easy tonight because our families are validated and because we’re allowed to love who we love,” she said in part. “Which sounds odd to say, but Americans can now love who we love. And bless Joe Biden and all the people that worked on this for allowing people not to worry, and their children not to worry about their future.”

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Gabrielle Carteris took to Instagram to celebrate the historic day. “It almost feels like hate is everywhere,” she said in part. “And yet, this is really about love.” Iconic When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner took to Twitter to share his reaction, as well. “Today, with President Biden signing the Respect for Marriage Act, America has become a More Perfect Union,” he wrote. “We can all be proud.”