Dwayne Johnson’s Insane 6-Meal-A-Day Diet Revealed: What The Rock Eats To Earn Superhero Body

The Rock revealed his diet was inspired by his late father, pro wrestler Rocky Johnson, in the detailed interview as he broke down the six meals.

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Dwayne Johnson revealed one of his many secrets to staying fit: his six meal a day diet. The professional wrestler and actor, 50, broke down the detailed meal plan in a new interview with Men’s Health published on Wednesday, Nov. 16. “I do eat in bed, just not food,” he also joked, winking, to the publication (unrelated, of course, to the actual diet in question).

The Hayward, California native starts his day with a breakfast that includes, “eggs, a meat like bison, a complex carb like oatmeal, and fruit, usually either papaya or blueberries” — seemingly ticking all the boxes for a well rounded start to the day. One breakfast isn’t quite enough for the Black Adam star, who then indulges in a second at 10 a.m. one (post workout, of course) with items like carbs and chicken breast, off set with rice and greens. The rest of his meals then consist of combinations of a protein like chicken, steak, buffalo or fish, with “complex carbs” like greens and sweet potatoes. He also added that his meals are, in part, curated by a chef who is in contact with his fitness team to ensure he gets the exact amounts he needs to maintain his fit physique.

The Rock recently spilled the tea on his six-meal a day diet, but revealed he also has an occasional cheat day. (Shutterstock)

The Rock explained that his diet was, in part, inspired by his late father Rocky Johnson. Canadian-born Johnson was also a pro wrestler who sadly passed away in Jan. 2020, and is survived by sons Dwayne, as well as Curtis Bowles and Wanda Bowles. “He taught me very early on not to eat to please the tongue but to eat to nourish the body,” he said to the magazine, acknowledging his choice to opt for healthier food. “He taught me that when I was five. That’s probably why I need therapy,” he also said.

Fans of the actor are well-aware of his love for food through his Instagram, which regularly chronicles his at-home cooking adventures and beyond. Recently, he even showed off what a cheat day looks like in his world that included a massive stack of coconut banana pancakes with syrup and protein-rich peanut butter along with eggs and biscuits, Bottoms up!

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