‘RHOSLC’: Angie Harrington’s Husband Creates Fake Instagram Account To Troll Lisa Barlow

A 'RHOSLC' star's husband came clean during the Nov. 2 episode of 'RHOSLC', when he admitted to creating a fake Instagram account to expose Lisa Barlow.

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Angie Harrington is taking on a more featured role in Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but not everyone’s happy about that. Especially since her husband, Chris, created a fake Instagram account to go after Lisa Barlow. He admitted that during a double date with Meredith Marks and her husband, Seth. The Marks and the Harringtons were talking about their frustrations with Lisa, when Chris said, “In a very immature moment, as a 52-year-old man — please judge me later — but I created a fake account.”

Angie Harrington and her husband, Chris, on ‘RHOSLC’. (Bravo)

As viewers are aware, Angie and Lisa’s friendship ended during Season 2, when the former accused the latter of sabotaging her charity event. Lisa, of course, has vehemently denied the claim. And now they’re feuding even more, after Whitney Rose alleged that Angie said Lisa performed sexual favors in order to obtain Utah Jazz basketball tickets. Angie claimed she never spread such a rumor, and Lisa said she’d never perform any sexual favors for profit, so there’s a lot of drama surrounding the claim.

“I am very willing to see what she says about all the ‘lies’ I’ve said. But I’ve never said she’s done sexual favors for a loan or Jazz tickets,” Angie said during her double date with Chris, Meredith and Seth. “I’m frustrated I got dragged into this.”

What’s funny though is that Angie also said she did discuss other rumors about Lisa with Whitney — just not those ones. “I think we interpret things a little bit differently. And maybe there was a comment of like, ‘Oh, that person invested in Vida.’ But there was never ‘for sexual favors,’ Like, I wouldn’t say that,” Angie claimed.

Anyway, Chris revealed that Lisa’s husband John Barlow had a cold demeanor the last time he saw him, and Angie said it’s probably because of Chris’ fake Instagram account, which he created to defend Angie. “Chris got really frustrated because he felt like I was being attacked in the media,” Angie said, to which Chris added, “A lot of it felt like it was coming from Lisa.”

The account, which was called “ShahXposed” also angered Jen Shah for obvious reasons. It was an account used to go after Lisa Barlow, so why would it include Jen’s name? Well, when Chris called Jen to apologize for the account name, he said he picked it because “it was available.”

We think it’s safe to say not many people are fans of Angie’s right now. But at least Whitney and Meredith still like her.

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