Jennifer Hudson Channels Whoopi Goldberg’s Mary Clarence In ‘Sister Act’ For 1st Halloween Show

The Oct. 31 episode of Jennifer Hudson's Halloween showed featured the brand new host dressed up in an epic costume.

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Image Credit: Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

Jennifer Hudson will host her very first Halloween episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show on Oct. 31. Just weeks after her talk show debut, Jennifer went all out for Halloween to kick off the week. For her 2022 costume, Jennifer dressed as Mary Clarence from the movie Sister Act. Jennifer revealed that Sister Act is her “absolute favorite move.” Plus, it was only fitting for her to channel a character played by fellow EGOT winner, Whoopi Goldberg! Jennifer not only got in costume, but she also soared to great heights as she performed songs from the franchise.

jennier hudson
Jennifer Hudson in her Halloween costume. (Chris Millard/Warner Bros.)

Jennifer’s brand new talk show launched in mid-September 2022, taking over the spot of Ellen DeGeneres’ show, which ended in the spring after 19 seasons. Ellen was known for always going big with her Halloween costumes. For her last Halloween show in Oct. 2021, Ellen dressed as her future self. She rode into the show on an electric wheelchair and dressed as an older version of herself, complete with a visor and grey wig. She’s previously channeled the Kardashians, Cardi B and more with other Halloween looks, as well. Now, Jennifer is  proving that she’s ready to take on Halloween and have just as much fun with the holiday.

jennifer hudson
Jennifer Hudson performing on Halloween. (Chris Millard/Warner Bros.)

In addition to landing a talk show this year, Jennifer also scored EGOT status when she earned a Tony Award for producing A Strange Loop on Broadway. She previously earned an Oscar for Dreamgirls, two Grammy Awards (best R&B album in 2008 and best Musical Theater album in 2016), as well as an Emmy Award for Baba Yaga. This made Jennifer the second Black woman to achieve EGOT status, following in the footsteps of Whoopi.

At the end of August, Jennifer celebrated her EGOT status when her Tony Award arrived in the mail. She posted a photo of herself on Twitter, where she proudly held the award in one hand, while an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar sat in the background. “Look what arrived y’all!” she gushed.

Jennifer was admittedly inspired by Whoopi when it came to hosting her own talk show, as well as women like Tamron Hall, Oprah Winfrey and Jenny Jones. Now, she wants to be an inspiration for her own viewers. “I want them to feel like they have a place to come celebrate, to escape, to have fun, for comfort, for peace, whatever you need is right here on The Jennifer Hudson Show,” she told Variety. “Right here on this couch. Girl, even if you need something to eat, I got you!”