‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Lace Leaves After Rodney Admits He Has A Stronger Connection With Eliza

Lace broke down in hysterical tears when Rodney admitted that he was going to pursue Eliza over her on the Oct. 24 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

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Image Credit: ABC

Rodney Mathews was caught off guard when Lace Morris arrived back on the beach during split week on the Oct. 24 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Immediately after Rodney returned from his date with Eliza Isichei, Lace pulled him aside to find out where he stood in their relationship. “It’s just been hell the last couple of days for all of us,” she admitted. “We had to just up and leave you guys. I came here to tell you that it made me realize how much I really do like you. I came to get on the same page because it’s either you or no one. I’m not going to settle. I want to be here with you and pursue this. I just want to get on the same page as you.”

Unfortunately, Rodney was not on the same page as Lace, and he had to break it to her as easy as possible. “I didn’t think I’d have to make this decision tonight, but I just want to be upfront and honest with you about where I’m at and where I stand,” Rodney explained. “I just don’t want to waste your time at all and I don’t want to hurt you. This is tough. Lace, I’m sorry. I could’ve never seen any of this playing out like this.”

lace morris rodney mathews
Lace giving Rodney her rose at the second rose ceremony. (ABC)

Lace broke down in hysterical tears and got up to start to walk away. Rodney tried to comfort her, but she couldn’t hold back her emotions. “I trusted your words,” Lace revealed. “You left me feeling secure with what we have and [telling me] not to worry and now it’s just like…I had to come back because it was eating me alive. I don’t want to sit there and waste my time worried sick about whether I have a connection here if I just don’t. So I’m going home. This all sucks so bad.”

Rodney told Lace that she was an “amazing woman” and said that he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. She was hysterically sobbing as the other guys tried to comfort her before she officially left the beach. “I knew this was coming, I should’ve expected it,” Lace said. “I can’t find love and I’m so sick of it. It’s so hard. I’ve worked so hard to put myself out there and then I just get hurt again. I don’t know what to do at this point.”

lace morris rodney mathews
Lace and Rodney on the beach before their split. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Rodney was admittedly bummed that he had to hurt Lace. “Tonight’s ending was bittersweet,” he explained. “I had such an amazing, beautiful night with Eliza. Obviously to come back to this was very difficult. I was not expecting to have this conversation tonight. Lace is a really amazing person who really deserves love. She’s been through a lot. I just really hope she finds what she’s looking for.”

Once Lace was gone, though, Rodney was ready to focus all of his “time and energy” on Eliza, and she was down, too. “Everyone’s going to have to deal with something that’s going to test their relationship and I think that what happened with Lace was hard for him,” Eliza admitted. “So it’s reassuring that I made the right choice, that I set my eyes on someone who is caring and is just a good man. I think if we can get through certain things it will just be a really good tell for if this can work in real life. I hope that now we can continue on this momentum we have going and just be able to relax and really pursue each other.”