‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Lace Crashes The Beach To Find Out What Rodney’s Up To As He Pursues Eliza

Lace Morris didn't like what she found when she came back to the 'Bachelor in Paradise' beach and found out Rodney Mathews had gone on a date with Eliza Isichei.

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Rodney Mathews accepted Lace Morris rose at the second rose ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise, but split week shook things up for the pair. While Lace and the other women were sent to a new location, Rodney and the guys were back on the beach with five new women. Rodney immediately felt a connection with Eliza Isichei. “Eliza and I are really connecting,” Rodney admitted. “She has the aspects that I’m looking for in a future partner, in a wife. This is really exciting for me. When I started here, Lace and I were vibing and connecting, and now that Eliza’s here, it’s tough for me this week being caught in between two amazing people. I have a lot to figure out.”

Meanwhile, Lace was sulking in bed, crying as she wondered what Rodney was up to. Five new men arrived at the ladies’ hotel, and Serene Russell and Victoria Fuller urged Lace to put herself out there and see if there might be another connection for her. “I think Lace should go on a date because I think Rodney would go on a date,” Serene said. “But accepting that is really hard.”

lace morris rodney mathews
Lace and Rodney have a conversation on the beach. (ABC)

As it turned out, Rodney did get a date card, and he asked Eliza to go with him. “Rodney makes me feel really good,” Eliza gushed. “He makes me feel really special. I really, really like him and I think those feelings are reciprocated. I think we really are a great fit. It feels so organic. It feels really, really effortless. I’m excited about seeing where this could all go.”

The two enjoyed a romantic dinner where they had flirty conversation and made out. “I’m actually looking for love. This is where I’m meant to be at this point in time,” Rodney told Eliza. “My goal is to leave here in a relationship and leave here with a special woman I know I could bring home to my mom, my family, my friends. I have this feeling ever since you walked in that I could really actually be successful in this experience and find someone to really change and enhance my life.” Eliza reciprocated those feelings, adding, “I came into this, not with low expectations, but with no expectations. I wanted to come in, be open and have an open mind and see what happens. Of course, it’s day two and I’m already like…it can happen. It’s possible. It’s happening.”

lace morris rodney mathews
Lace Morris gives Rodney a rose. (ABC)

Lace was still in tears back at the hotel, and she couldn’t stand not knowing what Rodney was up to for a minute longer. “The last two days have been hell,” she said. “Being so unsure is really starting to take a toll on me. I’m lucky I found Rodney. He’s just over there, laughing and having a good time. Is he even thinking about me? Why am I crying about someone who possibly isn’t crying about me? I’m so anxious because I’m afraid he made a stronger connection and I’m over here miserable. It’s time that I go back to Rodney and see if we are on the same page. I need to let him know how I feel about him. I really, really want to pursue this and take it seriously and move forward, but I currently do not know if he feels the same way. I’m really nervous. Being alone without him…I can’t do that. I will go insane.”

So, Lace took it upon herself to head back to the beach and see what was going on. She, of course, was less-than-thrilled to find out that Rodney was on a date with someone else. Lace tried to get answers from the other guys about how Rodney was feeling, and was frustrated when they didn’t have much to share. Finally, Rodney and Eliza came back…holding hands. Rodney pulled Lace aside to talk, but we won’t see the aftermath of their conversation until next week’s episode.