Kanye West Shares Tense Video Of Meeting Up With Kim Kardashian & Kids At North’s Basketball Game

Amid his multiple scandals and social media suspensions, Kanye West posted a video of a very awkward meeting with Kim Kardashian at one of North’s basketball games.

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After Kanye “Ye” West got hit with an Instagram restriction and his Twitter account locked for making antisemitic comments, the 45-year-old turned to YouTube to share a new video. The video, titled “Last Week” (posted on October 10), shows his recent adventures, including attending North West’s basketball game at Sports Academy Fitness center in Thousand Oaks. Around the 26:27 mark of the 30-minute video, Ye meets up with his ex, Kim Kardashian. It’s unclear what Ye and Kim, 41, say to each other as they walk North and Saint West off the court, as the audio cuts out as soon as Kim comes into the frame.

Kim has been relatively quiet while her former husband has faced many controversies over his “White Lives Matter” shirts at Paris Fashion Week. However, a source close to Kim told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she thinks he made “a horrible choice” and that “the message is very offensive to so man.”

Ye’s video also features him taking a fashion meeting (“I think we buy his company”), planning the Donda academy, working on the Yeezy fashion line, and waxing poetically about life. “I had to learn just because I could see the future. To stay in, like, you know, while you’re heading towards the future? Don’t ever go all the way to the state of love, because then you’re fully drunk. Just stay in like. Just be steady. Don’t get excited. Stay energized.”

The video also seemed to be a meeting between Ye and members of Adidas, though no one beyond Ye was identified. After appearing to play a porn movie on his phone to drive home a point, Ye said that he was about to unleash “your worst nightmare” on the unnamed gentlemen. “I’m only going to work at Adidas if he’s the CEO,” Ye says when pointing at someone sitting near him. When looking at the alleged execs, Ye said, “You guys have done wrong by the company, by the business, and by the partnership. The whole concept of this video is that the guy had cheated so the girl was like, ‘well, I’m going to do the thing that’s your worst nightmare.’”

“This is your worst nightmare,” Ye says in the video, pointing at the person he wanted to be Adidas’ new CEO. “Your worst nightmare is not me hitting you. Your worst nightmare is not me playing the porn. Your worst nightmare is not me screaming. We’ve done all that this.” Ye then points to the proposed CEO. “This is your worst nightmare,” he says before pointing to a second person. “This is your worst nightmare number two.”

Kim and Ye in better days (Felipe Ramales / SplashNews.com)

The second person that Ye pointed to then goes on to accuse Adidas of “steal[ing] this man’s ideas,” likening them to “stealing a child. These are all children of his mind and you’ve kidnaped him.” The language was noteworthy in that Ye has often referred to his daughter, Chicago, being “kidnapped” from him for her 4th birthday party, despite the Kardashians refuting this (Ye eventually made it to the birthday party.) Ultimately, the meeting with Adidas falls apart when Ye says he refuses to talk money with people “broker” than him.

Ye had been critical of Adidas, accusing the brand of stealing his ideas. Following Ye’s antisemitic remarks, the brand announced that the partnership – which first began in 2013 – was “under review,” per CNBC. Ye was hit with an Instagram suspension after sharing a conversation with Diddy in which West said, “Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me.” After getting suspended, Ye went on Twitter to say he was going to go “Death Con  3 on Jewish people,” which resulted in his Twitter account getting locked. Numerous members of the Black and Jewish community condemned Ye for his comments.