‘The Idol’ Trailer: The Weeknd Seduces Lily-Rose Depp In Steamy Footage

Lily-Rose Depp's pop star character is trying to make a comeback and gets wrapped up in The Weeknd's orbit in this racy new trailer for 'The Idol.'

“These people are wondering whether you still got that fire,” Lily-Rose Depp’s character, Jocelyn, is told in the opening moments of the new trailer for The Idol. Jocelyn is an up-and-coming pop star who is in need of a big hit and fast.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp get wrapped up in a romance in ‘The Idol.’ (HBO)

Jocelyn is told to “give them what they love.’ She responds, “Look at the camera and f**k everyone in America?” Da’Vine Joy Randolph says, “F**k ’em and f**k ’em good.” And that’s exactly what Jocelyn tries to do.

She soon crosses paths with The Weeknd’s character, Tedros. He stresses to “trust no one” except him. At one point in the teaser, The Weeknd has Jocelyn blindfolded in the studio. He whispers seductively in her ear and has his hands all over her. Their twisted romance is all kinds of steamy.

“I need full control,” Tedros tells Jocelyn. “No matter f**king what.” Whatever Tedros has, Jocelyn can’t get enough. In the final moments of the teaser, Jocelyn sits before Tedros in the studio where an open robe and lingerie. “So where should we start?” Jocelyn asks Tedros.

The Idol was originally supposed to be released in late 2022, but the series will now premiere in 2023. The show also stars Dan Levy, Troye Sivan, Suzanna Son, Zachary Quinto, Jane Adams, and more.

Lily-Rose Depp
Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn in ‘The Idol.’ (HBO)

The first teaser dropped in July 2022 during one of The Weeknd’s concert at MetLife Stadium. The initial trailer has since been deleted from HBO’s YouTube page.

The Idol marks Lily-Rose’s first television show. Back in March 2022, Johnny Depp’s daughter told Wonderland that “the more I learn about the story and the character, the more I have a special feeling about this. The team around me are so great and I’m in really great hands. I’ve never done a show before and I’ve never held on to a character for this long before so I’m ready for that challenge as well.”

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