‘The Masked Singer’ Mummies Unmasked As Iconic TV Brothers: ‘It’s An Honor To Work’ Together (Exclusive)

The identities of the Mummies were revealed during the October 5 episode of 'The Masked Singer.' The legendary trio talks about their latest reunion, why one of them was 'reluctant' to do the show, and more.

The Brady Bunch
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The Mummies are none other than The Brady Bunch boys: Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland. The trio spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about their time on The Masked Singer. Barry noted that The Masked Singer initially reached out to him and “really wanted to kind of break their tradition of solo artists and include groups.”

Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland on ‘The Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

Christopher admitted that he’s always been the “reluctant one when it comes to music.” However, when the opportunity of the show was presented to him as a “Brady boy opportunity only, meaning that you needed all of us to make this thing happen that there was some resignation by Barry and Mike knowing me that it would never come off, unfortunately. I just had to, in real Brady Bunch fashion, disappoint them.”

However, he soon changed his tune. “I feel like this is really one of those opportunities, and if it comes along and I need to be part of it, then I really have to do my part,” he said.

The Brady Bunch men were decked out in intricate mummy costumes as they performed The Monkees theme song. “Our costumes and our masks definitely were an additional challenge to try and to perform a dance and sing live. Other than the fact that nobody knows, there are a lot of additional things to think about and worry about and get through,” Mike said.

Barry, Christopher, and Mike have worked together countless times over the years since their run on The Brady Bunch, and they never get tired of reuniting time and time again. “Being a part of this group and being like family members because, at this point, this is what Barry and Mike are. They’re brothers. It’s an honor to work with them, and at the end of the day, it’s always been a joy,” Christoper told HollywoodLife.

The Masked Singer
The Mummies on ‘The Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

Opportunities to work together continue to present themselves, according to Christopher, including Barry and Christopher’s podcast and A Very Brady Renovation.  “There are some things that just aren’t imminently consumable when they’re Brady, and mostly designed by others or invented by others that are then brought to us, but there are cases when it’s even self-produced that way because there’s a self-awareness that this Brady thing still has some weight and reason to exist.” Barry added, “There is an orbit that the Bradys are in and it continually circles.” The Masked Singer season 8 airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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