‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’: Catelynn Lowell Hospitalized After Cyst Surgery Goes Wrong

Catelynn Lowell had surgery to remove a cyst during the Sept. 20 episode of 'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter', but a complication in her recovery landed her back in the emergency room.

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Image Credit: MTV

Yikes! Catelynn Lowell went through quite an ordeal during the Sept. 20 episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. After finding out that she’d need surgery to get a vaginal cyst removed, and be on bedrest for several days (with a urinary catheter!) she worried she’d be a burden to husband Tyler Baltierra. Obviously, he’d have to take care of their three children by himself, but he said he’s done it many times before and he’d be fine doing it again. So she went ahead with the surgery, but after returning home, something went wrong with her catheter, so she was rushed back to the hospital. But then her second catheter malfunctioned as well, so she was left peeing in her pants and bed for almost seven days straight. Fortunately, Tyler took care of her and the kids and everything turned out alright.

Later, Briana DeJesus planned a trip to see her estranged father, but she was disappointed when her mother went behind her back and reached out to him. Roxanne had asked him to apologize to Briana and her sister, Brittany, for abandoning them many years ago, but she waited 3-4 weeks before telling them that she tried contacting him. She only told them once she heard that Briana wanted to seek him out. They accused her of “lying” to them by keeping that information from them, but Roxanne said she was only trying to protect them. Then, days later, when Briana revealed that she changed her mind and didn’t want to see her dad, Roxanne told the girls that she also tried to call him, but he immediately hung up on her. So again, she was caught “lying” to her daughters. Briana and Brittany couldn’t understand why Roxanne didn’t reveal the information about the phone call when she told them about the letter — especially after seeing how upset they got over her holding back the initial information.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne Floyd struggled with the aftermath of the shooting incident and worried that Ryder was too, so after going to a rage room to break stuff, she called Maci Bookout to get some advice from her since she also experienced a similar situation. And speaking of that experience, Maci was busy celebrating Bentley’s thirteenth birthday this week, however, she feared the bowling alley would trigger her PTSD. Since she still can’t be around loud noises, she asked Bentley to remove any balloons from the building, as a popping noise might freak her out. But at the end of the episode, she sat with her kids and they popped some balloons to help her get over her fear.

Finally, Amber Portwood asked ex Gary Shirley to testify in her custody case for James. He happily obliged, even though he warned her that he might have to talk about their troubled past, and they all hoped for the best outcome. Obviously, everyone wants Amber’s son James to stay nearby, so they can continue to grow good relationships with him, but Amber’s ex, Andrew Glennon, is fighting for full custody and wants to move to California with James. (Sadly, we know Andrew eventually wins custody in real time, but we haven’t gotten there in the show yet.)

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