Kim Kardashian Rocks Tight Catsuit With Plunging Zip Down Front: Photos

Kim Kardashian left a photoshoot in Los Angeles, CA while confidently walking in an eye-catching outfit that accentuated her incredible figure.

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Image Credit: Backgrid

Kim Kardashian, 41, turned heads when she left a photoshoot in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday. The Kardashians star rocked a tight black catsuit with a plunging zip down front and heeled boots as she confidently walked by onlookers and cameras. She had her long blonde hair down and added sunglasses as she flaunted flattering makeup as well.

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian during her latest outing. (BACKGRID)

It’s unclear exactly what the photoshoot was for, but we can bet that Kim will be posting about it on Instagram soon. The reality beauty is known for posing for photos on a regular basis for her brands, like SKIMS, and more promotional materials, and always looks incredible. Whether it’s featured on her stories or a main post, her fans are pretty much guaranteed to be treated to epic snapshots!

kim kardashian
Another epic photo of Kim. (BACKGRID)

Before Kim’s latest outing, she made headlines for looking amazing while attending Beyonce‘s 41st birthday party last weekend. The party was disco-themed and she wore a sparkly dark red catsuit with black stripes as well as matching boots. She also rocked sunglasses and had her hair down as she walked outside of the location.

When Kim’s not getting attention for her outfits at events, she’s doing so for her photos on the covers of magazines. Her most recent was the cover of Interview magazine and it was truly memorable. She looked unrecognizable with a mullet haircut and her eyebrows were dyed blonde. She also wore a denim jacket and showed off her bare behind as her jeans were pulled down.

Once the issue was out, Kim shared the cover photo on Instagram and received mixed reviews. Some loved the new look while others couldn’t bear such a change in appearance. “This looks nothing like Kim. I didn’t even recognize her until I read the caption,” one follower wrote in response to the post. Another compared the look to actress Uma Thurman, and some praised her for trying something different.